Wednesday, February 13, 2013

15 years ago

Why 15 years ago? ok let me start

15 Years ago...

... I can walk outside and not really worried of being rob then stabbed
... I can sit in a mamak stall and not being monitored by countless CCTV
... I can still see our children playing in the playground without really worrying about them getting lost or kidnapped 
... I dont see a group of people sitting down on a table in a restaurant and not talk but looking at their phones
... I can still eat a noodle in KL/PJ for RM 3.50
... Chelsea and Manchester City is a mediocre team
... Liverpool was always there but never won a title, giving the same excuse "We will win it next year"
... We still have to look up information from books from library
... ICQ was the most happening thing
... Malaysians were united celebrating the biggest sporting event and that is the Commonwealth Games
... We saw the powerful France lift the World Cup
... We know that the President of the USA is also a normal man in the whole Monica Lewinsky blowjob incident
... Michael Jordan is still playing for the Bulls when they won the NBA finals against Utah Jazz consisting of John Stockton and Karl Malone.
... Saving Private Ryan caught everyone in awe....
... we saw Wild Things featuring Denise Richards and Neve Campbell
... we Can;t Hardly Wait...
... clubs like Embassy, Emporium and Bali is still around...
... Bangsar was clubbing haven
... going to Damansara from PJ is a nightmare... 
... going to Sri Hartamas takes ages as there was not Kerinchi Highway
... there was no Mid Valley mall, the most happening mall then was 1 Utama
... the hottest computer game in town was Counter Strike and Quake
... Justin Bieber was still a baby baby baby...
... Micheal Owen was a teenage sensation
... Yaohan retail store was the common view

But 15 years later... which is now...

... Crime have been even more brutal now... no more snatch but now snatch and hurt
... No one barely walks to places for they fear being robbed
... constant child going missing 
... prices of food has skyrocketed... now a bowl of noodles cost RM 5-6 but salaries for workers have not really been raised alot comparison to the inflation
... No more ICQ or MSN but whatsapp, tango and skype
... Chelsea and Manchester City are the powerhouse now
... Liverpool has changed and not fighting for the title, and changed their excuse to "We are in transition but we will have a strong squad soon"
... We now look for information from out Phones

So the question is... are we getting better?

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