Monday, November 16, 2009


Hearing the name itself is sounds cool... if u are a rocker! BRUTAL BRO!!!!! Its a game starring Jack Black as a roadie turned savior of the heavy metal world, named Eddie Riggs. The game is based on RTS and a little of Guitar Hero in it. Basically its Final Fantasy with a whole load of Heavy Metal in it. Cameo appearance from Ozzy Osbourne of Black Sabbath, Lita Ford, Rob Halford of Judas Priest and Lemmy from Motorhead!!!

Basically its one of the must play game of the year!!! well, since we are waiting for Blizzard to release the bloody StarCraft2 and Diablo3... and for EA to Release Command and Conquer 4... Let us enjoy this game of ROCK!!! BTW I've check out the songs they play in the game..... FREAKING COOL List I must say!!! Its just so... so... so... BRUTAL!!! woohoo!!

Just imagine songs from Children of Bodom, Motorhead, Scorpions, Ozzy, Black Sabbath, Mastodon, Motley Crue, Enslaved, Megadeth, Static-X and many more playing as a soundtrack for an ass kickin rock game!! No need to switch on other songs while playing RTS!! ehehhe... and no more weird sounding songs like the normal RTS offers... not mentioning names like Final Fantasy haahaha

I just want to play this bloody game!!! but my bloody PC sucks!! Cant even play a 2005 game! hahaha. But this is my mission! save money and get myself a bloody new kick ass PC!!! if u are a gamer... and a rocker... then this game is the most brutal of them all... or better legendary....

this is a few clips of the game...


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