Tuesday, June 25, 2019

As we get older...

Does staying true to yourself means anything?

When I was younger, I would beat my chest and tell the world that I will not change and I will stay true to myself. We watch movies where people always remain the same and goes back to the roots no matter how far we have gone. It was back then. Movies back then show this. But as we have gotten older, as I have gotten older, I have realised that people are not like that. People change and people grow older.

Just like my previous article written a few months back, even I have changed after a traumatic experience. From what I know, I have also witnessed how most people changed either for the better or for the worse.

I've realised that we may think we are the same but if we really look at ourselves, think hard and look hard. We will realise that we have changed ourselves. Like I said, I used to beat my chest and say I will not change. In values maybe but not personality. I am crankier now compared to back then. I have a more laid back outlook compared to back then. Take football, for example, I used to get really irritated if I have to miss a game but now I am just fine to miss it just for a couple more hours of sleep.

Perhaps our priorities have changed. Things that matter most have now dropped further down the list. We have started to learn to prioritise things that matter to us more now. Family, fame, fortune and many more. The thing we called life shapes us.

From a reliable friend to a friend that you never even see anymore. From someone jovial and positive to a grumpy and negative person. From a dependable person to someone who you don't even dare to ask to do anything for you.

Perhaps that is why sometimes we tend to do something that some say it is so childish but we do it anyway, like goofing around, laughing like mad with family and friends, playing games and so on. Perhaps this is to try to reignite that past glory or memory, or perhaps our past selves, even for a moment. But sadly, things we used to do for long hours or days now only last for minutes or a few short hours. Our life crept back in and drag us back.

It is the sad truth about life but again, life has to go on. People change and we have to deal with it. I guess it is part and parcel of this journey we call life.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018


Well, as promised I am writing more now compared to last year's 1 entry. Ever since my little time in the hospital it gave me quite alot of time to think about my life. I've realised that time is so precious and that I have been putting up to people way too much. The one line lots of people keep saying to me is "You are too nice", "You should toughen up", "Don't be scared to stand up to them" and so on. These lines have been ringing in my mind every time I lie down on that hospital bed. Besides thinking if I am ever gonna walk again or am I going to suddenly have a collapse lung, I have been thinking about my life as a whole. This line keeps coming up,

Am I really being too nice? 

Should I even be more meaner or be more selfish?

Days passed and I keep telling myself that my values are to treat people nice. I was quite conflicted at times, on whether should I keep to my own principals and values of being nice or should I be a tad more selfish and meaner. I run thru all possible scenarios and did a full review and preview of my life. One thing I realised is that one day I might fall sick again and this time I wont be so lucky to come back like how I did. I realised how important time is, especially who I spend it on. Is this person or is this activity worth my time?

So I came up with a list of questions and actions that became my new list of principals or some would say mantra.

1. Does this person brings you joy? 
2. Does this person benefit you now or future? 
3. Did they allocate time for you?
     a. Did they spend time with you because they are free or they free their time to spend with you?
4. Did they use you or just took you for a ride?
5. Are they genuinely genuine with you? 

If not then slowly avoid mixing with them, allocate more time for people who deserves your time more. I didn't want to cut ties but I lessen down my communications. Who needs all these nonsensical shit in our life? 

If yes, then allocate more time for them, precious them and treat them better. Spend time with them and appreciate them because they sincerely free up their time to meet you.

Even when it comes to activity I ask myself "Is this activity beneficial to me now or in the future?" and "Does it fulfil my emotional and physical needs?". If it is not then why bother to even waste time on it. Might as well spend it on something more worthwhile.

Now that I have became a little more fussy and more "meaner" people start to see me in a different light. Some have a hidden perception towards me. The changes are quite dramatic. Some see me as being dramatic and some are just frustrated of the new me and my new decision. Some just stop communicating all together. The last one disappoints me the most, as things now doesn't goes your way you just discard or move away. But life goes on. That is why at times I will try to trigger certain scenarios to see the true intention of the person. This is so that I know earlier rather than later when I have invested so much time and effort.

I no longer want to sit there and spend my precious hours on people that don't even bother to want to genuinely spend time with me or benefit me. So why should I even bother to return the effort, right?

I have always said that I chose to be nice because I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings but now I realised that I don't have to look after their feelings as well. Nor do I have to neglect or cause any problem with those that care less. I just avoid and get along with my life.

I realised that I am now a happier person irregardless what other people think or look at me. Don't like the new me? then you either put in more effort or just move on...

"What you see and hear depends a good deal on where you are standing; it also depends on what sort of person you are. "    -C.S. Lewis

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Its been more than a year

Wow looking at my last entry, it was like more than a year ago. I still can recall telling myself that I will and must write more but guess what? Jeng jeng jeng.... 1 and a half year later I am here writing... 2017 is the year with the least amount of postings from me! hahaha

But I am not giving up on this page. So let me share with you what happened to me the last year and a half.

Since my last entry, I have been through quite a roller coaster ride. I got moved into two different depart in 6 months. NO, not because I was problematic but I got better offer and so happened that the 2nd offer was too good to refuse. Then again it was a tough job as I have little knowledge but I was willing to learn. Then some unsavoury thing happened. I contracted HFMD (hand foot mouth disease)! Yes! HF-Fuckin-MD! An outbreak only prone for kids and I got it. It was hell, I couldn't walk or hold anything for a week. There were blisters on my foot and my palms. I have to self quarantine and avoid all human contact. Madness!

Then things went smoothly after that, I recovered, work was so so, challenging but fulfilling. Conducted my first training..

Then came 2018, new years was low key. So was Chinese New Year. Then disaster struck, the one fear that I feared most happened to me. I always dread surgery and I was diagnosed with pneumonia. I was hopitalized for 3 weeks and because they were unable to drain the fluid in my lungs, they have to cut me up and suck it out. I was discharged after 3 months and when I thought all was getting better, a 2nd disaster struck! A week after I was discharged, I started to feel my legs going limp. And suddenly I couldn't walk. Went back to see my doctor and he did a MRI scan and it showed that I have a compressed spinal cord due to slipped disc. WTF?! I was told that I have to go for surgery to relief the spinal cord or else risk paralysis.

By then my soul and morale was broken. It was one of my lowest point. I was scared and worried. Not about the surgery but whether I will be a paraplegic. The thought of it was very scary. Even my surgeon told me that he cant guarantee that after the surgery I would be able to recover. So I went to my 2nd major surgery. After the surgery I was still unable to move my legs. A month passed and I was still stuck in the hospital unable to even stand. I was getting worried. I was then transferred to another hospital for my physiotherapy. I spent close to a month there and it was during my time there I've told myself that I must and I will walk out of this place. I did...

I spent another 2 months recovering at home...

During these few months I have also changed my car.  One of the bright light in the crazy year.

Now I've started back work, and looking back the past 1 and a half year... I am grateful that I am able to walk. Heck! I am grateful that I am alive! All thanks to my family and friends that constantly motivating me and pushing me on!

Crazy year and half! damn!

But I am back!

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Monday, January 02, 2017


2016 has been a rather educational year for me as well as a challenging one too. As usual, on an annual basis I would write about my year or more like a report of how my year panned out and this article is no different. As mentioned, this year was a rather educational year as well as a challenging one mainly due to my job and a lil on personal. It was a roller coaster ride throughout the year. This was when I realised that dealing with people is not that easy. The different kind of characters I have to face on the daily basis is quite astounding. From the quietest to the loudest, from the blunt to the bluffer, the nicest to the nastiest, the wrong to the right. 

Recently I read an article titled "Killing The 7 Motivation Murderers", It was a rather interesting article and I have learnt quite a few things from it. One particular point stated in the article is that you have to be thankful and grateful to what you have currently. Even for the smallest matter and I tried doing that the morning after and I realised that it actually works! I felt happier but somehow due to some people I have to deal with, it kinda saps the energy from you. Sad but true. 

What I have learned from 2016 is that:

  1. Too many hands trying to make the soup is not good
  2. Communication is key and most people need to understand the K.I.S.S system, KEEP IT SHORT & SIMPLE or in my ex-boss's words "KEEP IT SHORT STUPID!" 
  3. A good person/friend may not be a good manager/colleague
  4. People are mostly selfish
  5. People don't listen to understand but they listen to reply you
  6. Some people talk more than they can do
With that I came up with a list of my very own new year's resolution. This one I think it can be sustained the whole of 2017. here goes:

  1. Minimize/avoid (if possible) communication to assholes, or people who makes my life miserable. 
  2. Do what I want to do and don't let anyone/anything stop me
  3. Take time off to enrich my own soul
  4. Work only during working hours
  5. Minimise social media usage
I guess it is a workable list.

Well before I end this article, I would like to wish everyone of you, A Happy New Year! have a great 2017! 

Monday, August 08, 2016

The path to be a great leader

Being a leader is never a clear path. I would not say that I am a great accomplished leader nor I would not say that I have not lead either. What I am writing here are my observation and studies on the few leaders I've met, talked to or even learned from throughout my time on this planet. I have to say there are many types of leaders out there that have different traits that are either born with or learned the hard way.

I have often heard people asking this question (I have to admit that I too asked this question when I was leading my team back then), "What does it takes to be a good leader?". This is a very subjective question as it really depends on who you are leading and what is your job scope. 

What I have realised is that leaders generally scale down to three types, either you are an effective leader, a charismatic leader or you are both. 

From my observation, an effective leader is someone who will lead their team to achieve their goal in a systematically way. They are usually a "Follow-the-system" no nonsense kind of person. They will ensure that the job is done in their way, putting aside all the small pep talks or in other words, bullshit talks or meetings. These leaders get the job done. Thats it! Some would compare them slightly like a dictator. They are usually effective when there is a crisis or when things are in chaos.

For a charismatic leader, they are the ones that will talk, inspire and at times charm the team to work for them without whipping them. These leaders are often seen as a likable figure. They will at times try to use the team's strength and encourage discovery. They are the ones who will use pep talks or they are the ones who will take you out for a drink to motivate you and talk to you to find ways to inspire you to go beyond.

Hence, as mentioned the ones that can combine both traits is not something you can get overnight or easily obtained. A leader with a good balance of both usually takes a while to master. Experience and character does play a huge role on how you find that balance too. 

There are several other points that I have learned from the various leaders that I used to talked to or interviewed back in my radio and BNI days, (these are actual points stated by the leaders) here they are:

  1. Do not take longer than 5 minutes to make a decision. Once a decision is made, if it is a wrong or bad decision, never regret it but instead, learn from it. 
  2. A good leader have to be fair and transparent. This is usually one of the toughest aspect as this is one area where your every decision may look unfair to someone. So sometimes a decision made have to be thought through properly and objectively and not emotionally. A decision made have to be clear as to why it is being made. No point hiding or twisting certain facts.
  3. A good leader eliminates office politics. Office politics are usually the ones that kills an organisation. Discourage gossips. If there is an issue, bring together the parties involved and solve in face-to-face in a professional and civilized manner
  4. In relation to point number 2 and 3, a leader does not takes side and always listen to the stories of both parties before making a judgement. 
  5. A leader leads, a manage manages. There is usually a difference. One example, a good sales person does not necessary make a good sales manager.
  6. Learn to empower your team or your staffs. Trust in their ability and knowledge. Let them take charge on smaller decisions. Entrust them with some tasks, delegate the job. 
  7. A good leader helps the team to grow in knowledge and skills. If an staff or team are not able to perform a certain task given, find out why and guide them either via education or reassigning them to a task they are good at.
  8. As a leader, you may not know everything and sometimes it is good to ask for help from your team or others. 
  9. Keep instructions clear, straight forward and simple. You don't want your team to run around doing things that may not be productive just because you didn't make your instructions clear. A simple clear straight forward instructions gets the task done fast.  
  10. A leader always reads and try to upgrade their skills
  11. A leader should be generous in educating others and imparting knowledge and experience
  12. A leader is just a team member with extra responsibilities. They are not more superior or more powerful, just more responsibilities. 
  13. A leader is not a position where everyone will like you. There are definitely situations that you will be hated due to a decision you make but it is part and parcel of the job.
  14. The higher you go, the lonelier you get
  15. A leader dont have to reinvent the wheel, just make it better. Sometimes a working system does not need to be revamped, just improved. 
  16. A good leader leads by example, practice what they preach
  17. Lives up to their promises. Do not promise if you know you can't fulfill them. 
  18. Its always the team and not you. 
  19. A leader don't mind going the extra mile for the team. BUT do not sacrifice yourself! 
  20. Admits and owns up to their mistakes
  21. and finally... a leader must be themselves. Be quirky, be funny, be original... be yourself! 
Being a leader is never easy but if you know how do to it, the feeling of seeing your team or organisation succeed and you sitting there as their leader, knowing that you lead them there is such a satisfying feeling. I myself am still learning the traits and I hope one day I will be able to be standing along with those that taught me. And perhaps one day, I would be able to help others too...

To all the leaders that I have the privilege to chat with, thank you!

"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader."  
-John Quincy Adams

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Feeling Down and Battered

Tired, worthless, moody and sad was what I was feeling the past few weeks. I was trying to find out what was the problem but I somehow couldn't. I was losing my interest on anything and I was constantly angry yet sad. Then I came across an article that pointed out all the symptoms I had and that I may be suffering from work burnout. My mind was all over the place. I could not focus and I was snapping at anyone. After a while, I started to feel guilty and angry at myself for being a jerk. I started apologising to everyone but that did not solved anything. I was still feeling like a wreck, something that I never felt for a long time. The last time I felt this way was more than 5 years ago. Spending a good time with my family and friends brought a short joy but once after meeting with them I went back into that deep dark hole. To the extend some people even said that I was being dramatic or exaggerating and that I am just overreacting but I know what I am going through and I just can't get out of it. 

"What was the problem? " I thought to myself. "What was the cause of this?"... "Was it due to work?"... "Was it due to people?"...  "Was it all of the above?".

It was something that was puzzling to me. I have no reason to feel down. Yes, I was swarmed with work but I was swarmed with work before this but I never went into this kind of spiral. Me being me, I was trying to figure out what was the cause of this problem. I tried digging deep into my mind and started remembering all the things that was taught to me by successful people and I still can't find my answer. I was desperate for an answer as it was affecting my work and the people around me. I was constantly putting on a fake smile. My laughter was hollow as if I was a robot pre-programmed to laugh. It affected me so bad that I even considered quitting my job and leaving everything behind and disappear. 

It was not until today I found my answer... GOD! Nah just kidding! I stumbled across this video of Sean Stephenson on YouTube. He was talking about how we are so fixated about other people's judgement on us or what other people think about us that it affected us. We are locked in our our very own prison, which is our mind. Another thing he said was "never believe a prediction that doesn't empower you".  What he said resonated and hit a chord within me, not entirely but a part of me. For the past few weeks, was not a very pleasant time for me. problems here, comments there, challenges here, assholes there. I realised that I was the one who dug my own hole and jumped inside. I was the cause of my own problems. I made myself like that. Perhaps I tripped a little hard this time and I've lost my way somehow and let it consumed me. I was constantly blaming everything else including myself. As Jim Rohn said "You must take personal responsibility. You cannot change the circumstances, the seasons, or the wind, but you can change yourself".

I knew the answer all these while. How silly was I to be absorbed into this nonsensical hole?  A friend of mine told me today that I've put too much pressure on myself to perform that I've lost my identity. I think I shall get back on path and chill and smile like I always have...

In the words of Ian Malcolm of Jurassic Park...

Thursday, April 28, 2016

The time conundrum

Well if you noticed my recent articles, it is all about time and looking back and remembering certain things. I am at it again! all thanks to Facebook Memories or "On this Day" function. Sad to say this is one of the first few activities I do when I get up in the morning, switch on my phone and go through the news and my FB. And this is always one of the first things that popped into my notification. "On This Day..." and things that I thought I have just done is already 2 or 3 years ago. Heck, some is already 5-6 years ago. I have been using Facebook for 8 years! 

It was just moments ago when I look at some of the postings I did recently and I thought I have posted it few days ago shockingly it was actually 2-3 weeks ago. That sudden surge of confusion of what ever happened in between those time? How did time fly so fast? 

I remember back in school, waiting for a half hour class to be over seems like eternity. Back then I felt that I did so many things in a day whereas now I can barely finish a few. Maybe it is the complexity of the work? Maybe not. Is this all about being an adult? 

A wise old friend of mine once told me, if you plan your day out, time wont fly away fast. You have to be conscious most of the time during the day, because most of us are not 100% conscious  most of the time. Sometimes we just auto-pilot on certain things or we focus too much on one thing and neglect the world. Perhaps that is what I am going through. Living sub-consciously for the past few years. And when I gain consciousness, I realised I have lost some time. Something that you cant gain back or buy back. 

But thinking back again, end of the day although it seems fast I am happy that it is all spent on the people matters most to me and doing what I am happy doing.  As much as it is a lost time, it is lost for a good reason. As this saying goes "Time flies when you are having fun" perhaps sub consciously I am actually having fun and I just stop smiling or stop appreciating it... maybe... maybe I am still that happy kid that just lost his smile on the outside like a faded once brightly coloured poster been exposed too long under the sun. Yes, I like that...

How did it get so late so soon? Its night before its afternoon. December is here before its June. My goodness how the time has flewn. How did it get so late so soon? -Dr. Seuss-

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

My Twilight Zone

I actually lost track of time recently. I recall clearly that I have wrote an article recently talking about my last decade that changed my life and I clearly remember writing it like 1 to 2 months ago and then I came in here and I checked the date, HOLY SHIEAT! it was last June! That is like 10 months ago! Almost a year ago! Oh my how time flies! I still remember telling myself while writing that article, that I will start writing actively again, hence the great number of article that month (2).  

the people of BR24
Since that article, I have moved on from my previous job at Bernama Radio24 and thanks to Facebook memories, I just realized that I have manage to answer myself in an article I wrote few years ago here entitled "Passion vs the world". Yes, I guess the "world" managed to win. I have moved on to a job that pays more and serves my current needs. Leaving the job that you love is never easy, especially a job that you dream of doing ever since a kid. But the world wins and I need to pay the bills. So I have to look at the second thing that I have passion on, branding. Like I said again, it pays the bills and life goes on.   

Besides that, one thing that I am really glad is that I managed to hold on to my passion, well at least a little bit as I managed to get a part-time gig at an online radio to do what I love most and that is radio broadcasting.. It doesn't pay monetarily and it not a daily thing but it pays passion-ly (if that is even a word!) and emotionally. I feel very happy producing or running a radio show, I don't know why. Maybe it is something that I hold very close and dear to my heart ever since I was a kid. Somehow I just feel happy doing it, even if it was for free! of course if there is a proper salary would be even better! Who wouldn't want to do their dream job and get paid for it? 

Now after a while, that little ember of a question started flickering back on... passion vs the world, who should I choose? I have now chosen the world, should I go back to passion or is there a new question on board? or should I find the world that has the same passion as I do? or should I create or change my current situation to what I want? I guess time and/or maybe my stupid-temperamental-sub-conscious-acting-hastily-and-not-thinking-straight will tell. Who knows what the future holds... perhaps I shall come back here and read after a long time again and laugh at my silly past or agree with him... who knows? 

Anyway, I'm out...

"Prepare for the unknown by studying how others in the past have coped with the unforeseeable and the unpredictable." -George S. Patton

Monday, June 22, 2015

On Father's Day...

Father's day has just passed and to be honest, it was a rather sombre and quiet day for me. Looking at most of the people in my list posting pictures of their dad and saying how great they are kind of made me angry and envious at the same time. Perhaps it is because I missed my dad so much and that I could not spend anymore moments like what was posted by my friends, which made me angry. Looking at status like "My Hero", "The greatest man in my life", and so on, made me smile because I knew that my dad was all that was stated too. In fact maybe even more! 

For me, loving my parents and cherishing every moments with them on a daily basis is more important than on any specific day. Just like what I stated in my previous blog about celebrating mothers day, you don't need a specific day to celebrate mother's or father's day. Love and cherish everyday with them is more important because with a blink of an eye, they might not be there anymore... 

I miss my dad - my pillar, my superman, my friend... 

I am glad to have many many great moments with you...

Happy Father's day...

Friday, June 19, 2015

and Suddenly I looked back...

Have you ever come to a time when you sit back, reflect and started calculating the years that certain events happened? I did! Well, recently I came to a crossroad, a life crossroad that is. And I told myself that I needed to do a self reflection and self review. I lie down for hours, reflecting and daydreaming and I realised that in the past 10 years, I have been through tons of stuff that I never thought I would go through. Its been a crazy decade for me. Many ups and downs, in fact, lots of right and left and back and front, too! 

It all started when my Gmail prompted me to clear up my emails, as my account is getting full (imagine that! 15GB of nonsense!). So I decided to clean up some of my old emails. I look back at the very first email I got... of course it was the welcoming email from Google. I clearly remembered that my buddy invited me to join gmail. Yes, when Gmail started you need someone who have a Gmail account to invite you to enable you to join. He told me that they provide 2GB of space. Which at that time is alot of memory space!! and the interesting thing about Gmail is that it doesn't stay at 2GB. There as a counter at the side that shows the space is growing. OK, back to my first email, I saw the date of the mail sent and it shooked me up a lil'. it was 25th November 2004!! I thought to myself "HOLY SHIEAT!! MY GMAIL ACCOUNT IS 11 YEARS OLD!!,". Has it been so long?! 

my first email on Gmail

I then look at some of the really first few mails that I received. Then I noticed that it was all those funny emails, jokes, photos, pixelated videos and quizzes. I was trying to remember why some of my friends who sends me all these emails. Then it dawned to me, FACEBOOK wasn't around that time. Friendster was just becoming the hit and the only way to "share" information is through emails! Well technically things didn't really changed. We just migrated from emails to Facebook. But the funny thing is that those who diligently send interesting emails back then are those who are totally non existent in Facebook now. How a decade can change someone!

Then I decided to walk down that nostalgic path. Went to click on my blog, yes, this very blog! well, it is linked to Google, Then something happened, I realised that my blog itself is 10 years old! 10 FREAKING YEARS OLD! Back then blogspot was not under Google yet. Things were kind of complicated and not so user friendly as it is now. As I was going through my posts, I realised that I write a load of crap. I guess I was still trying. Check out my first post here! 10 years and 314 posts later, here I am writing this very blog. I wouldn't have thought that I can write so many articles, or so it seems. Reading some of my blogs, I started reflecting again and trying to find out why I wrote those articles. It is kinda funny thinking back. 

Reading blogs and looking at old emails brought back lots of emotions. I've been through lots of ups and downs in the last decade. I realised losing my dad and grandma in the same year was the lowest point in my life but somehow my loved ones and buddies brought me back up. Something that I don;t know how to repay them. 

And there were the ups in the past decade, where I get to meet the love of my life and also getting married to her. The days of MSN Messengers were hot during the courting days. SMSes and phone calls were expensive so there were lots of chats! yay emoticons and low res web cams! yea right! 

It was during this decade too, that I got into a job that I really only dreamt of getting. I thought I was embarking on a path of a lifetime in becoming part of the social machine, lifeless and emotionless working army, then came a job that I have always dreamt off! a job in a Radio Station! It was during these years that I get to go to places that I have only dreamt of going and meeting people that I would never thought I will ever meet in person. Heck, I was blessed to even have a decent private conversation with them! If you would have told me 10 years ago that I will be doing all these, I would only laugh and sit down and daydream!

My idol growing up, the voice of Malaysia, the legendary Patrick Teoh

The great Zainal Abidin. I even get to stand 2 feet away from him singing live!
But the last decade too, I guess we all have to experience lots of national incidents that were foreign to us. The changes of the political scene, or some would say, the political tsunami in the last 2 elections. The dark side of politics and politicians that were foreign a decade ago, or perhaps maybe its due to lack of social media back then. 

The airline incidents, MH370, MH17 and QZ8501. These are something that were unheard of. Plane crash yes, we hear it often but disappearing planes, plane got shot down on hostile zone was something we would never thought would happen to us. 

Funny thing is that during these incidents, I was in the thick of it as I have to cover the event, albeit by sitting in the studio. Most people are able to switch off and take a break but not me. We were facing this 24/7 and after a long period of time, it can get rather depressing but then again, no complains, it is my job!

Well, well, coming back to the MH370 issue, it was crazy and scary as my wife and I was suppose to head for our honeymoon 4 days after the incident on the same airline and same plane model. We went anyway as I was quite confident as there was nothing to worry about, as after interviewing aviation experts, pilots, cabin crews and engineers on my radio few days prior to my trip. But what I can tell you is that the atmosphere in the plane the entire trip was intense! every turbulence was followed with cringing of eyes, screams and nervous voices. The sigh of relief was heard when we landed.

me right after landing
Like I mentioned earlier, its been a crazy decade and I wouldn't mind to go through it all over again. All these obstacles, bonuses, challenges, ups and downs only made me stronger and made me more confident to venture into the blurry path laid upon me. If I can survive the last decade, I am sure I can survive the next decade!

To end this article... I somehow find the lyrics of these song made sense to the current situation.

The moments of happiness we enjoy take us by surprise. It is not that we seize them, but that they seize us.     -Ashley Montagu

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