Monday, August 22, 2005


hmm.... beeen soooo tired this few days... my aunt went for some laparoscropy surgery for her cis in her ovaries.. first i thought i was just some minor surgery... but the cut is small... but its like a underground base... inside the doctor had made some massive surgery. she hev been really tired this few days... summore wit her weak nature... she kept on haveing fever. i think that is the effect of the antibiotic and the hormonal changes. been sitting there accompaning her trying to make her happy... and it is so hard... as she is those serious type... so i can make any of my stoopid goofy jokes... thet is kinda hard. so i hev to think of some smart jokes... or switch channel to some comedy or less killin or crying channel. i didnt know wut my mom meant when she said u will feel it when u are trying to take care of someone... the tiring feeling. imagine i only did it for one week on a normal surgery patient i also feel the fatigue cutting in... imagine if u are to do it long term on a less mobile person.... whoa... so now i am really praying and hoping thet my aunt will recover ASAP. she is now ok only... but still weak... hmmm....

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