Friday, November 04, 2005


recently found out that life is not all bout me or about taking the challenges. its about how i am going to take the challenges. i just found out i am not as strong as a cow. i just het wut happen to me recently in this few months. or better years. during my childhood i used to think i am on top of the world. taking on anything using my physical strength. i always try to outwit n outstrength anyone. but in this few years... first... my back start to give way... now it is a permanent damage cant fully recover... and due to that i have to cut down on all my physical activities. yeah i have to cut down on my basketball-ing, footballing, badminton n many other more stuff that can hurt my back. damn man... like i said in the blog b4... i dowan to go thru it again. now i found out i am reaching my mid 20's n i need to take care on wut i eat n drink... WTF is this man... need to take precautions coz family got background for high blood pressure. so now have to cut down coz i just found out i have slight high blood pressure. dammit man. so now i have to tackle things from a different angle izzit? aiyo... have to start to think wut i have to do during my free time all over again??!?! shit man... hehe. so swimming n cycling anyone?

"truth hurts, maybe not as much as jumping on a bicycle without a seat, but it hurts"
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