Thursday, November 17, 2005


finally after 2 years... the linkin park photos are out!!! finally my fren prashant manage to buy the cable to load it out from his hp to his pc!!! oh ya... this is taken oct 2002 thet is me wit my long hairs!! damn i miss em... n on the right is mohana. man it was fun but extremely tiring! right b4 the concert started, we are sitting on the field in stadium merdeka. yeah damn tired n hot after cramming wit ppl at the entrance for almost 2 hrs... yeap... standing out in the hot sun packed wit ppl shoulder to shoulder for 2 freaking hours. well on the way in i saw a guy got slapped by a girl. ham sap la thet fella. messed wit the wrong gal tho. during the concert damn alot of freaky things happened... it was hellishly hot and stuffy... luckily i am tall, manage to breath a lil more air... and guess wut the guards did... they splashed water at us during the concert to cool us down. Man i was drenched. then tiba tiba this gal in front of me started to lean on me, i was trying to push her off la... coz her fren or bf is beside her... but i think she is fainting... so just let it be la.. kkekeke. but not long after the song "faint".. i couldnt stand it... my legs were aching...from jumping for an hour or so n i was damn thirsty as our water bottles are confiscated at the entrance. so had to move towards the back of the stadium wit prashant to re-hydrate my self. but around 20 mins later we left... well it was a really fun nite... mosh pitting... watching perverted assholes get slap after molesting some gal... n the waiting.... sigh maddness i tell u...madness!

"there is a fine line between fishing and standing on the shore like an idiot"

"there is so much comedy on television, does that cause comedy on the streets?"
-quote on violence on the street caused by tv-
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