Friday, November 04, 2005


i am so irritated by stopid motorcyclists... in main roads!!! firstly... they take up the middle or fast lane... while going 40-50kmh. nvm... sometimes u horn them... they show u the finger... yes n this is in federal highway!!! WTF man... cmon la... use common sense abit la. and sometimes they over take u in the corners where u wanna actually accelerate! then they giv ya a shock!!! causing accidents to normal car drivers instead...(nope this never happened to me...... yet). TRAFFIC LIGHTS is the worse! they will hog the entire front line... and when it turns green... they speed off is ok... but those that slowly glide their way along is the worse! esp those traffic lights that have a short green! and those wit the timers!!! worse! some dun even stop... esp the one at jalan gasing... got once i was coming down from the gasing heights road heading jln gasing.... the lights turn green... i so i drove la... when i was about to cross i can see this motorbike speed from a far... and i tot he will stop... so i cont going la... he cut in front of me making as if he is in the right and swerve his bike abit and showed me the finger... i wanted to just chase him n knock him down... but nvm la eh.. i was in a good mood... n my mom was in the car... dowan to scare her. n another incident... this one at pj newtown (state) obviously it was a one was street... i was driving normally... suddenly this bike from the junction u turned and banged my car. luckily it banged at my tyres... so no massive damage done. then the biker gave tat .."y u didnt see me coming izzit" look... till i got out of my car... along wit my other same sized fren... to see my car... obviously he was in the wrong... but when he saw us... he changed his look n asked am i ok... i was sure i am preety ok n my car got no damage. but his bike's front tyre is surely gone... so i tot tat was bad enuff for him coz he need to carry the front of the bike to move it... so i told him to its ok n i left...

well in the end... after my long and confusing article in this blog... the conclusion is.... motorcyclist.... u all need to learn some rules or at least take care of urself la... the ad kept on telling us to "jaga orang motorsikal" and s#its... where they dun take of themselves at all!


koRnholio said...
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Joanne said...

Don't worry. I am as irritated with the bikers as much as you. They are like little flies around your car and you just feel like slapping them down with the "electric racket"!!!!

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