Thursday, December 22, 2005


Have u ever go to one place n see all the girls that look almost alike. even they are from different ethnic groups... i am getting so bored n tired of this nonsense.... cmon man... be creative n not follow wut ever ur frens wear or wut ever u see in mags or tv. u have to dress up for urself... look in da mirror first la. sometimes the clothes just dont go wit ur look.... and do u actually wanna look like someone else?! gosh... that is the last thing i wanna do! be urself la... have ur own style... not only clothes wise... but hairdo... shoes n make ups! i was at hartamas today and i saw almost 5-6 girls dress up almost similiar... same style of tops n jeans.... aiyoyo. and u wonder why some ppl look good dressing up certain clothes... coz they choose their clothes properly n not simply wear anything that they see on the catalog...
man... honestly... some girls... ur thighs are so huge... n u have the guts to wear those extremely tight jeans... the only thing guys look at u is that they hope the jeans burst n reveal wut is it underneath! n some of u with a rather larger spare tyres... PLZ oh PLZ dun wear those tops that can reveal ur spares.... while u raise ur hand a lil'....yucks! AND plz... some of u...ur hairdo doesnt even match u!! i agree i am no fasion expert but i know wut is nice when i see them!

"why follow when u can lead"


Rasta Sinn said...

all i gotta say is this... ugly bitches stay at home. good looking bitches... wear the most revealing shit possible. dont give my imagination a fighting chance. i wud praise the lord if you came wearing clear heels and a thong to the mall. thats it. now worship the perfection that is I.

li june said...

so agree with u jun sern..well what can i say,i am gal cum woman as well...they r just plain mass produced for some jinjang place where got no sense of dressing of themselves...and yea u r not mean...coz gals do agree with u!hehehe

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