Tuesday, January 17, 2006

WOMEN ON DA GO!!! shopping faces

Last week i went to this estee lauder staff thingy... dun ask me why... i have to send my mom there and i dowan to waste one more ticket.... so i just followed in... well partly to see any cuun chicks or not la... there are... but after a while i got so bored... and got covered wit the mist of perfumes and body wash.... got slight nausea coz the mix of all kind of perfumes is not good... esp aramis and tommy girl!! so I started to look around and see ppl's reaction... this is wut i see... well mostHave u ever take notice ppl's faces when u go to some events or when something happened? Well i came up wit a lil' sketch well its mostly all on women...

got a few expression that i find kinda funny... so just check it out and see.

some might not be accurate... but cmon... i drew this at 5am in da morning... b4 i dozed off in my bed....

Kinda interesting as u can see all type of faces and ppl...

Interesting? i tink so too... lol. if any of it actually looks like one of u... sorri ya... coincidental...

well the last pic really looks like someone... i dunno la... but i know he looks fimiliar..!

"i love u pumpkin...."
"i love u honey bunny"
"everybody be cool, this is a robbery..."
"any of u f*cking pricks move and i'll execute every mother f*cking last one of u!!!"

-scene from Pulp Fiction b4 d Miserlou song plays-

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