Sunday, February 12, 2006

Believe or not to believe

I cant post any article for the past few days, well ok.. chinese new year is over now and my summary is well... erm... hot and lotsa food and soft drinks and hard drinks... lol.

Well lets get the the interesting part... ok i heard this only two days ago. well its more of a spiritual thing... kinda freaky. As a Malaysian or more of erm.. asian... do u believe in curses... spells or wut they said.."jampi" or "khong thao"?. I just heard a real life story about this events and its freaks me out. more over i also heard the whole thing about this Mysteries of M Night Shyamalan on HBO. This triggers all the stories i heard.

"OK back to the real life story summarised... i am not gonna reveal names. ok here it goes...My frens granmother was about to go to for a minor surgery in KL recently. so she went to the see a chinese medium. The medium told that on the day of the surgery there will be something disturbing her and her surgery.But she wasnt sure so she went to see a second opinion. My frens cousin-uncle, and he, well have wut they say a "third eye" where he can see the spiritual world... so he calculated and agreed on wut the chinese medium said. So he said that he has a solution... all this "things" cant see... but they can smell. so wut they did is ... ask my fren;s uncle to put a old and recently worn clothes by his granma in her room in ipoh just to divert the "things" attention so he wont disturb his granma in the surgery. What his uncle didnt know is that they suppose to put it there for 7 days. but after the second day he threw the clothes away. Then my fren's dad found out... so he told my frens cousin-uncle the incident. He said that is a big problem... coz bcoz of that the "things" will seek him to explain what happen on that night itself. so he told my frens dad to meet at his house at 12am. but coincidently that night my fren;s dad got a company dinner so he told my frens cousin-uncle that he will a be alil late. then the cousin-uncle told him the maximum time is 15 mins. if not big problem. So on that night my fren'd dad reach there just nice 1215. when he was walking into the house the lights outside the house suddenly shut off the ones at the house wall next to the gate..... and later both of them negotiated with that "thing". after the negotiation when my fren;s dad came out... the lights all came back on. and that night itself my fren's uncle that put and threw the clothes away got a horrible nightmare and his family suddenly fell got fever. but few days later all went back to normal. "

I dun want to belive it but after listening to so many real stories... well i still dont want to belive it... but it sends the chills up my spine... and u know what is the most eriee thing... my fren's cousin uncle said that in every house or anywhere u go there is and surely one or more spirit... be it harmful or harmless... but wut i always believe is if u dont disturb them... they wont disturb u... so wut i do is... just respect wut is other ppl's things and dun simply do nonsense in places u dont know.

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