Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Have u ever notice that when u drive to work in the morning and u notice the cars beside u or the vehicles beside u... that the cars usually only contains the driver... and no more...or better... ur own car contains u only! no wonder KL is always jam. Every single tom dick and harry drives their own car. Out of 10 car there is a car with a couple of ppl in it. and out of every 100 car u see one car packed with people. And people working in KL dare to complain about the jam... they are the one that cause the jam. OK partly its the system to blame. Coz everyone AROUND KL works in KL and not other places. eg; Almost 80% of PJ, Kajang, Ampang, Kepong and Subang residents works in KL. And after hearing from one of my fren is that his dad, sis and him works in KL. they leave home the same time but they all drives a car each. so imagine... 3 cars from one house. U say will it cause the jam? i think so! The problem is no one works the same time... some start work at 8 some 9 some 10 and after work... some will go here and some there... and another is no one takes the initative too. Some just dont have the patience to wait and some just being plain jerks. Lets just say there is no proper working system in Msia. No point widening the road when more and more people drives themselves to work at the same time. and when there is more cars and there is bottlenecks (4 lanes to 2 lanes...etc.etc...) there is ....yes.... JAM!!! so whats the point of widening.... "be cool, car pool?" dammit.... wont work wan la....

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