Monday, March 27, 2006


I just realised that malaysians are good at sports that dont require any physical contact, and sports that physical size dont come into matters. For example, after watching the melbourne commonwealth games recently, i realised that the sports that malaysians excel in is in all the sports that dont need size or contact! Hockey for one, yea u all will say that its a physical contact sport, but after watching malaysia triumph over england, i only understand why malaysians do well in hockey. The sport is more of a gentlemen sport. Barely any physical contact, cmon... think of it if the players are all to lose their temper like football due to some physical contact... i dont want to be in the middle of the pitch! 22 men with weapons running against each other! Another sport is badminton n squash. We excel in these games because it requires more grit and determination rather than size. of course if u are taller u can do certain moves but in this game different sizes got their different advantages. One more that i am kinda suprised when i watch the CG. Lawn bowl... a young lady manage to overcome odds and beat a older n more experience player! haha... a young person winning a older person's sports...

So from now on i know which sport to support and which one not to.

"it is not what your country can do for you, it is what you can do for your country"


koRnholio said...
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Anonymous said...

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