Wednesday, May 31, 2006


After witnessing what MY-TEAm did to the national squad (for ur info... MY team is a football team build up by auditions to hand pick normal people that have football skills and go against local football powers). I really dont know whether to feel happy or sorry for both the team. First of all, i wanted MY-Team to win coz it will send out a message to local football organisation, that given the chance there are many good players in the country. But in the other hand, it is also a sucker punch to FAM. After spending millions in football development, they just witness a bunch of amateurs almost cause an upset against the national team. Pathetic or what??.. I have nothing more to comment. One side i wanted the National team to get beaten but on the other side... i wanted the national team to raise up to the occasion and trash MY-team. But no, they have to go to the extend of falling down on every tackle and challenge. Even a slightest nudge and they fall like after being hit by a bullet. When the MY-team captain pushed the malaysian player on the shoulder... he fell down holding his face and scream in agony as if he got punched. One word... SISSYFIED! BAPOKS! FAGS! I have said it and i said it again... they need to beef up physically and mentally.

And they too are very inconsistent. Just look at MSL... okok.. MALAYSIAN SUPER LEAGUE if u all dont know wut is it. Last season Perlis was champion of malaysia and this season... they struggle to even mount a challenge. Selangor... Treble winners... wowwee... whoopee... and look at them now, bottom of the league. and luckily the FAM changed the format for next season where they wanted to add teams to the league. so now selangor have the chance to stay in the top flight. This is the problem in Malaysian football. Consistensy. There is none so far. Look at other leagues... there is always this few teams that mantain. Well what i think is the malaysian league has gone too many changes to up the standard. where i think they should stick to the old style league system and not change the name or system. Simple and more challenging.
In the end... most important is the MENTALITY of the players. whether they want to improve or not.

"It is better to learn late than never."
-publilus syrus-

"Do not hire a man who does your work for money, but him who does it for love of it."
-henry David thoreau-

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