Monday, July 03, 2006

greetings from down under... malaysia

Here i am in the land of the fake lion..... singa-pura... i am sitting here in front of my cousin's pc... looking at the window where i can see an oil refinery blowing fire out of the chimney... from my aunt's 25th floor apartment. sigh... no matter how much they did for me... i still have this thing for singapore... i dunno why... just dont feel at home. maybe i am so used to the 'selekeh' and chocked up air lifestyle of my own malaysia where i call home. But one thing for sure is their air is cleaner and their public transport have this ethic where they make sure they are always punctual.. that i have to give them. and their toilets in shopping malls are all clean... unlike some of malaysian's shopping mall. charge so much and it still stinks and lack of proper service.

Tomolo i am gonna meet this fren of my couz to see if i can get a job here. ironic eh... i dun really like this country and i am now seeking a career here. but that is just a big IF i get it. just a informal meeting wit the peeps and see if things goes well.

i just ate a plate of singapore nasi lemak and guess wut... the rice is ok but the sambal is a disgrace! it sweet and not spicy at all... aww man... i love spicy sambals... but i also gotta give it to their tv... they actually have E! tv here... man.. all the gossip and entertainment news 24/7!! i just saw the 101 hollywood make overs and found out the skanky britanny murphy was a geeky nerdy chick! hahaha. they showed...."from this.... to this!!..."and of course their broadband is soooooooo much faster then our own streamyx!!! or izzit maybe its just the better more efficient server...i dunno but hurrah for that!!!

well i am gonna be here for another 2 days might as well breath enough of clean city air b4 i head back to own sweet home... where i can walk around naked and not feel uncomfortable...kaka.... i really meant it... no joke... ... ... alrite alrite... half naked.... hehehe.... till then.... over and out...

-junsern spore 3 july 2006-

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