Monday, October 23, 2006


It is just so special feeling. Tat feeling is so different. Every morning thinking about her is like a breath of fresh air. Makes you wanna stand up and get ready for the day yet makes you wan to lie down on the bed and listen to her voice. When the phone rings, the first person tat comes to mind is her.Her voice bringhtens up the day. If a sms arrives on the phone you are eager to see is it her sms or not, And if it is her sms you will just smile and your heart elevates to a higher level. When you hold her hand, static generates around the hand and the touch softens every heart. When you miss her, the whirling around the chest starts to occur. That whizzing feeling around the chest and guts. When you go out with her you hope that it will never end. And as if you got so many things to talk about even when there is nothing else to talk. When you look at her face and she smiles your heart melts and beats faster at the same time. You feel like sharing everything you have with her. Every special moment you want to celebrate with her. Every good things happens you want to let her enjoy it too. She is the light when there is darkness....... ahhh l'amour

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