Monday, November 27, 2006


This will be my 90th post in this blog and when i started blogging... i will never have thought that the 90th post will be the most meaningful one for me. Throughout the past posting... i have been thru so many things and now this 90th post i would love to dedicate it to this one special person.

The person that changed my life. The person that gave me light in the darkness. Her smile... that smile... the crescent of ray that could melt a thousand hearts. Yes this may sound boring already as i have spoken about it countless times in my past few blogs... but i can never stop it melting my heart, and i can never stop saying it. The smile is just so serene and sweet. Its like watching the sunrise from the horizon in a beautiful morning. It showers warmth to the life and break the darkness of the night. I have now found a new source of inspiration. I just cant find the words to describe this feeling i am going thru now and i dont think i can ever find it coz no words is good enough to describe this... I just cant get enough of it... I just cant... waiting to meet her seems like eternity... and when i am with her time flies so fast that i hope it will just stop and let me spend time with her forever. The smell of her hair when i hug her is so addictive as if it is a drug that no rehab can cure. The voice that seems like music to my ears... so melodious. Her enthusiasm is so infectious that it will effect the people around her. She laughs i laugh... she smiles i smile...

I said it and i am gonna say it again and again and again... the past one and a half month 42 days to be exact... have been one of the most magical time in my life, the temperature seems to maintain at the hot level... raised a little, drop a little but it still maintains its perfect temperature. I would like to say THANK YOU for coming into my life! Lady Shereen Simon Dulau. the princess to my heart...

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