Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Ever heard of house sitting?? yea yea... it is similiar to babysitting just tat u have to sit in da house and tek care of the house! damn its boring doing that. It not boring in a way... with all the entertainment in the house... big tv, astro, radio.... just tat i somehow feel i have the freedom to do anything in the house yet i feel confined! It is a weird feeling. I just sit there the whole nite like a fool watching astro, and the worse part is tat i dun feel really comfortable at all. Coz i cant sleep. Every one hour i will automatically wake up to check the place.... damn i feel more like a security guard rather then just an occupant of the house. I dun even feel comfortable to sleep in da room and ended up sleeping on the couch. I just dont know what to do. i am kinda blur. I have to sit there the whole day! and when i leave the house i feel worried coz its my responsibility and that feeling just sucks! Luckily shereen manage to lighten me up with a few sms-es and it made my nite sitting there alone.

Somehow now i understand why ppl feel homesick when they go overseas or outstation. I miss my home. This is just different than going to camp or vacation... or just staying in a rented room... this is like going to work! haha. just tat my job is just to sit there and stone in front of the tv the whole time~! well tonite is my last nite as the owner of the house is coming back tomolo. When i was in tat house wit my fren (owner's son) it is different. And being there alone its another different feeling.

2 sleepless nite is just weird.... and when i got home just now b4 i go to gym... i lie on my bed and it is such a comfortable feeling... i feel secure... lol. Maybe its just me or i am just taught not to be a free loader.... maybe... maybe... maybe....

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