Monday, November 20, 2006


5 weeks.... 5 weeks! That is one month one week! Some may not even pass it and i passed it with so much magic and passion. They say after the hot period is over everything goes back to normal! Things settles down... But not for me... I feel that everything will never ever be back to normal again coz this I hope this will last forever! Till today every sms and call still elevates the heart to another level and dimension and it makes you smile. When she is around it feels like there are nothing else matters but us. The skies seems brighter and blue-er when this happens. There is still so many things to talk even there is nothing to talk. While embracing, the world stops and hope that it will never end! ever...! Holding her hands still softens every heart and creates a static. Every single thing that comes in the mind be it a mind boggling event or a happy thought, her image calms everything down and lightens every situation. The smile still melts the heart. and her presence still creates that euphoria and serenity! Just sitting there looking at her quietly is so much enjoyment. For some it is a bore for just looking at someone... for some... it is admiring the most beautiful view ever. The song dont want to miss a thing from aerosmith makes more sense now after being together. Before that it is just nice lyrics... now it is describing how i feel!

It so happens that everytime we come together the sky will shower us with tranquilising drops. A gift from the big guy perhaps. Showering us with eternal bond. Just like how they say u can never break the flow of a river. The tranquilising rain drops reminds me of that saying. Even if it is a storm or just a drizzle... it all starts from a single drop and ends up with a river. No rock, wall or even barrier can stop the flow of this river. It will only make it more rapid and rough but the river still flows.

l'amour... amor... love... oh so beautiful...

*FLASH !!!!*.... *THUNDER !!!*....*RAYNE !!!!!*

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