Wednesday, November 29, 2006

its Rayning men!

In a lush green plateau, the sound of the wind blowing gently across the trees. The plateau is framed with a beautiful rocky mountains with snowy peaks by the horizon. A dog barking could be heard by the hilt. A beautiful beagle running across the lush green. "Dragon! Dragon!.." a husky voice could be heard. A tall built man came chasing the dog. The dog ran towards its master and he hugged it. "Little devil... for you know I am going to visit milady, you shouldn't make me wait any longer just by chasing you," he said. His name is Sir Jon Osmond Karl Elliot. As Jon looks up into the skies as he is walking back to his castle he said to Dragon "For everytime I visit milady, the skies will shower us with this tranquilising droplets... perhaps it is to clear the filth on my face and freshen me up,". As he walks down to the stables, Lucard the the white carriage driver speaks "Good day milord, finally visiting Lady Elizebeth milord?". Jon replied "Indeed Lucard, very well lets get on the way as I am missing her as much as the fishes misses the water" he continues "I havent seen her for ages, for now I am very nervous" but Lucard gave words that calms him down as usual "Milord, I am very sure Lady Elizebeth is as anxious as you, milord".

As the rain continues trickling down, the trail along the forest starts to get muddy. After hours travelling across the forest, the 2 tall towers of Castle Ara could be seen as the trees clears. Across the trickling sound of the rain Lucard's voice could be heard "Milord, Castle Ara... your lady awaits". The carriage enters the castle and stops at the courtyard. As Jon alight his carriage the rain gets heavier and the ground gets muddier. This didnt stopped him from heading the tower. As eager as he is, he climbs the spiral stairs of the tower heading to the top of the tower eager to see his lady. As he climbs up the stairs that seems never ending, the thought of her beautiful smile and the smell of her long wavy lavender scented hair drives him faster. Thinking of the smile... the beautiful smile, the smile that strikes the heart like cupids arrow hitting its target drives him up the stairs like wind.

As he reached the wooden door at the top of the tower, he gently knocks the door and called "Lady Elizabeth, my love, for I have come after all this while, please let me in". But after a while there was no answer, somehow it doesnt seem right as he recall the rings in the door handle is not silver but gold. The smell of rotting wood could be smell. "This cant be right, I remember smelling the lovely and beautiful smell of lavender as i ascend the stairs when I came the last time. Could I have been wrong?" he thought. Then Jon shouted again "Lady Elizebeth! milady! answer me for I have arrived as promised" he knocks the handle again. "KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK!!!", "Milady, I have arrived...", as he speaks the rain starts to sprinkle in from the windows. Then a creak is heard... the door opens and without hesitation Jon ran in and hugged the lady with the wavy hair tightly. Suddenly, the lady screamed! "What are you doing??!!!" he pushed her away and look. It is not Lady Elizebeth! its an old lady... she was the cleaner of the castle!

After a while in the pouring rain a far sound could be heard "...... j...o...n...!", he looks out at the window as that is where the sound seems to be coming from... he puts his head out of the window and the sound came clearer... "JON!!!! what are you doing there??!!!!!!!! I am here!!!!!" He looked it was Elizebeth in the other tower with her mother and her sister. He rushed down the spiraling stairs embarrased but still eager to meet his lady. He ran across the courtyard under the rain and then across Lucard and asked him "Why didnt you told me?" Lucard replied " It was raining milord, I wasnt sure too". Jon rushed up the stairs then when he came to the door of the tower... he could smell the smell he remembered, the lovely smell of lavender. Lady Elizebeth was standing there looking at her knight drenched. She was so happy as he mom and sister was trying not to laugh at the farce that have just happened. She followed him down the stairs and into the carriage. She asked him "How could you forget where I stay?" he answered "It was raining so heavily for I was lost in the middle of this busy shower from the skies..., but i found you have I not?" They both smiled and embraced each other awhile then they kissed as they are riding into the sunset... and they live happily ever after... haha

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