Thursday, January 11, 2007

Beeeeep beep toot toot

Its reaching confirmation point very very soon. It is just like last week i popped the question and now the probation period is over. 3 months! whoa that was fast! Looking back at my articles about how i felt and all brings back lotsa memories in this 3 months! Till today I still smile when i meet her. She stills elevates me when she sms and call me! Just that now i am more addicted to her then ever. She have already blended in into my life. A day without a call or sms from her is unnatural. Right at this moment i still cant believe i have her as my gal. Maybe that is the beauty of it coz it is so condensed with feelings that it stills fresh! By this rate we are going i dont see why we cant go on and on and on! ... Now that she is the one that is motivating me to move with my life. I found out that in this 3 months i have seen things from a different angle again. I learned to be even more responsible. Everytime i meet her i have to give her a nice hug. the smell of her hair is still so nice... still so addictive... the last time i say holding her hand sends static now if i never hold her hand... my hand feels empty and hollow. I need that static feeling now... i would never thought that my 24th birthday will be celebrated with her. The most beautiful, nicest and wonderful birthday and christmas present i have ever gotten! singing a song to someone u love is so much better then singing to the soap or microphone or the comb! so much more meaningful... the beautiful... oh the ever beautiful smile... she melts the heart before i could even harden it. but it is worth to effort hardening it. hehe. after 88 days and 2 hrs and 6 minutes! wait... 88 beautiful days 2 wonderful hr and 3 wholesome minutes... it is so so fulfilling... the good and bad times we went thru made the bond stronger. Till now... thank you for being my light in the darkness babe! i hope i manage to shine light in your life too! luv ya babe!

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