Thursday, January 11, 2007

Living the high life

Are we living the high life or are we not? When I was young we used to watch tv and see career guys n gals dining in expensive restaurants drinking wine and having a nice steak for dinner or lunch and having a nice cup of coffee at the cafeteria. Are we heading to that lifestyle? Well I recently notice that we are!

We are starting to head to classy places for a drink. Starting to enjoy a cafe meals. Buying designer clothings and stuffs. So we are heading to the high life. My generation.. the 70's n 80's babies. We are becomeing what we saw on tv. We head to clubs and cafe's and buying things that are not practical to our parents era.

We trade our local coffee shops and mamaks to coffee house and francise drinks places for a cup of tea or coffee. We trade our daily 'kopi o' to cafe latte, Teh tarik to hot english tea. Dont get me wrong, we do still head to mamak stalls and kopi tiams but our parents generation, going to cafe is like a rare occasion. They head to cafe only...ONLY once in a blue moon. On the other hand, we instead head to these places at least twice a month or perhaps almost everyweek! are we pampered? or are we just learning to take the advantage of wut is thrown to us. Just look at the amount of cafe's and tea places sprouting around the country. One reason this is occured is tat coz this places is much more comfortable compared to the hot and congested kopi tiams. How is this possible? we cant tahan la... so hot how to drink? before drink also sweat like crazy, this is the excuse given. But truth is we are sleeping in air cond rooms and air cond cars nowadays. Our body cant take the heat and humidity.

Designer clothings... do we actually need it? You spend tons of cash for something that only last a year. Worth it? Some of you may say that 'I can afford it and I work for it why not?' ... why not????! aiyo... think more practical la. I know i got no right to say all this coz i also dunno what is it like in this world... i am just a naive person when comes to this. But i was thought by my parents to appreciate for what i have and be humble. Pamper myself? i rather pamper myself on my vacation or food. Clothings for me is, as long as it looks nice and feel comfortable and can wear for any season is enough for me. Not that i am not fashion conscious or anything but i just dont feel like following what the mags tells me to wear.

Sigh... well here ends another of my unfruitful bitchings again... thanks for viewing! go ahead... kill me wit ur comments... coz i dun care!
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