Tuesday, January 02, 2007


here goes.... my yearly report...

Finally realise wut i wanted actually... to work in da media line. Now learned to take thing easier abit. Other then tat nothing much happened this month. Just chill around and exams...Hoping for the best... Send the package together wit d gang. went on a cycling spree and took alot of pictures. Followed mom to some Estee Lauder staff thingy... and manage to came up wit faces of women on da go... shopping that is! haha... CHINESE NEW YEAR!!! woohooo.. more traditional dishes and new clothes and ANG PAU!!!!!!!!! $$ k*ching!!

Another slow month... continuation of chinese new year... looking at the premiership table makes me sick! but then again... we'll keep on fighting!!! warrrghhh!!!! MU is out of the Champions League... so my football season has ended... wait... oh ya... The Carling League Cup. Made a trip wit my frens to highland towers Ampang... and bukit tunku... just to check out the eerie creepy ruins and abandon houses... after tet listened to some freaky spiritual real stories from my fren tat actually kinda freaky...

Shisha shisha and more shisha! commonwealth games... malaysian excels in non physical contact sports... well not really excels but did okla... got more irritated wit motorbikes in the country... one of my fav movie of all time came out... V for Vendetta!!! Remember remember...... saw poseidon... omg i tell you.... it sucks...! Joel's bday!

APRIL FOOLS!!!! nah... this trick is really old already... no more fun. Bird flu getting irritating. but its nothing much. Chelsea lost to barcelona... tsk tsk... Chelsea ran away in the premier league but MU almost caught up! nvm... next season more challenge! scary movie 4 and ice age2 came out! exams again! Lucky Number S7evin...good show! inside man too!!

Prashant's farewell n bday... went down to melaka and party! suppose to go to the beach for BBQ but it started to rain... well to some is sea sprinkle... ahem. i warn u all its rain but noooo.... we were drenched but still had fun at Navin's place... manage to witness the drunk everyone. Ananda, Mohana, Prashant and... ME! hahaha. Then not enough we party again a week before prashant left and then .... he left... the day b4 X-men 3 came out... the show is so badly done! My-team Vs Malaysia! and my god... malaysia sucks! kena beaten by an amateur team! went to KL motor show! Saw many cool cars and cool chicks!! hahaha Arsenal went to Champs league final and lost to Barca! ahha! Chelsea won the league again but MU came back and gave a good challenge!

PROM! one of the small things that is the catalyst of one of the biggest thing yet to come! It was a fun time at UTAR prom! started help to coach the U-15 gals. and started to get involved wit LFAM! Ladies Football Association Of Malaysia! intesting... help abit in the US Malaysia Exchange program too... at Bukit Jalil! D-X is back in WWE!!! woohooo!!!! slow slow month! mom's bday!! makan makan makan! WORLD CUP!!!!!!!!!!!!! fast n fulious.... tokyo drift month!

world cup month!! so tis kinda slow moving... sleep late... football... sleep late... football!!! Bought FHM and spot the sexiest women. got the spore version n msia version... and found out that there are more local in spore version and malaysian version alot of foreigners... so is singaporeans more patriotic or is their gals just tat good. dunno... Head down to spore to meet my couz and frens... short visit but fruitful ones! but their nasi lemak really needs improvement! italy is the winner of the WORLD CUP!! Kevin's Bday! woohooo... My fren Jeremy is one of the Cleo's most eligible bachelor... went to KLCC to see their parade! ahha. Pirates of the Carribean 2!! new movie....! cool!!!

Played slow basketball... but still not competitive... but its okla... life goes on! Chun Yik came bek and lepak lepak abit... Makan dinner. Chill out. very slow month. Wai Hoe's bday! chantal's bday!... slow slow month... nothing happened... just yum cha n shisha all month long! watch abit movie... tats all... oh ya! MERDEKA!!!

Sista's dad's and sis's bf's bday... makan at KL Hilton... damn expensive but luckily aunt got voucher so we had a ganas meal!! yeahhh.... the return of aaron...I met one of the most important figure that is gonna change the future of my life! the start of a new beginning was about to begin! it was the deep breath before the plunge! yea... a new surge of shisha session started... help heal a friend... went to passion and minum! HAZE HAZE HAZE... bad haze... till the sun was like orange....

One of the most important month in this year... nono... my lifetime... the big thing have arrived! I met my other half..... Shereen! Went to my Aunt's wedding.... went to Recharge Revelation Rave wit Shereen n june. My first outstation outing wit shereen. One of the most beautiful month in the year! the start of a new beginning... b.e.a.uuuu tiful... deepavali whoooo.... curry curry curry

GYM GYM GYM... manage to go consistently and can feel the difference! Mohana's birthday!!! nice!!! my official unveiling to my frens and first official dinner wit my sister and shereen! it was a interesting month as it is more of relationship building. Celebrated our 1 month anniversary!

Jolin Concert! got VIP tickets and went wit shereen! Granma's Birthday at genting highland... and OH ya My Birthday! went to zouk wit shereen n my friends and had a blast!!! then after that went to Kepong for crab wit my sister! Went steamboat wit my family and OMG... so much food! oh ya more shisha! n shisha! i went for interview...welll not mine but accompany shereen for interview... My couz sis admitted to hospital wit stomach problem... for 2 weeks i was worried sick... and it was one of the most hectic month of my year!! been rushing n rushing and moving around!! omg... was so tired... but it was well worth it!! have to balance everything at one month! the return of prashant!! and XMAS celebration!!! went to peter's place and chill!! its more like a gathering! Best xmas eve n new years eve... as i celeb it wit special someone for the first time!!!

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