Sunday, January 28, 2007

of all Clubbings and Partyings

Of all the clubbing and partying i think i have come to the stage of mellowing down. This doesnt really interest me anymore! Oh my! As one of my fren used to tell me! 'Oi dun la say like tat! as if u are that old only~!'... Am I?? I used to be the first one to jump into the car when going clubbing or dancing or drinking is mentioned. Now i am just sitting there lazing around and contemplating should I go or not! I had a drink wit my frens tat day and we all said that we are not interested in this anymore... i totally agree! now i prefer to just have a nice meal, a cup of my fav drink and the company of my friends in a nice ambience place. Cool, quiet and relaxing. Maybe I have come to the age where I find that I rather spend my money on more appropriate places where i can sit and enjoy the company of my friends where i can talk and drink rather then spend a bomb on some place where some retard starts trying his dance moves on the next table and knocking my back or something or music beat that throws your heart out of ur chest! then feel like shieat afterwards!! I kinda envy those that can actually still have the enthusiasm to continue the partying lifestyle. I just couldn't find that enthusiasm anymore. Maybe i did party too much last time... or maybe i just grew up in this aspect... or maybe I have been under the 'been thet done tat' category. And clubs are charging so expensive nowadays.. can easily burn the wallet!! hehehe...

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