Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Twist of Fate

Sometimes I wonder, all the things happened, happened for a reason. I wonder, if i were not to accept my friend Matthew, i wouldnt have met June, and if I hadnt met June I wouldnt have gone to the UTAR Prom, and if i hadnt gone to the prom i wouldnt have met Shereen! Really! one simple twist can cause so many things to happen. Its like a chain reaction. For being a nice guy actually paid off sometimes...

My friend Matthew is kinda talkative sometimes... and suprisingly his group of coursemates find tat weird, and actually brush him aside from all their outings. To the extend they actually can tell him that the car is full and ask him to go have his own lunch. U call that a friend??? Bunch of dimweeds! Coz he was in my course but different group, so in da first year i barely mixed with him. After witnessing wut happened i just invited him to join me for lunch. Not due to compassion but just as a friend. From then on we became kinda like buddies. He for one is a person with a genuine heart. He is the type where when u ask him for help... he will put himself on da line to help, for which i really appreciate it.... alot! But then his friends from other group used to ask me...(well, i pretty know everyone in my course coz i talk alot and treat everyone equally...) 'U still mix with Matthew ar?? hahahha.... eeyer...". There is when I started to realise that this bunch of dimweeds are shallow. They mix with ppl based on their appreance. OK, back to the story, there is where I started to know about June, his friend from the Student Welfare Committee. He talked alot about her... and the told her alot about me too. That is how i got to know June.

June instead, I know her as in I only know her name during my first year coz i was in my Material Engineering Society Nite committee and she was in it too. I didnt get to see her at first tho, coz the committee had some issues with the person in charge (so he claims...) so i didnt manage to met her. Then 2 years later she added me in friendster and knowing me... i cant let things lie down easily... well, all the person in my friendster list i must at least know them and talk to them! So i just send my regards... then she was saying that she is a PJ-gal etc etc. So I decided to meet her.. the fabled June (as told by Matthew...). After a while, found out she is a kaki shisha... so we shisha alot. Then came the month of june last year... the prom. June asked me to be her prom date as a favour... i agreed coz i never actually went to a college or uni function.. (yea i didnt go to my coll's orientation nite... didnt get enough stamp during orientation... wait... i didnt go for tat too! hahaa). Thet is when she intro me to her uni friends.... FangFang, Shirlene n Laurence and of course... Shereen!... so this is how i met my other half... Shereen... but then she was still with her ex. 2 months later Shereen sms everyone that she broke up... So June n I decided to help her to get over it. Took her out... for a drink... and a drink... and a puff... and mroe drink and more puffs (shisha la...) then after 2 months later... i fell for her... asked her...

And now i am with Shereen... a twist of niceness... rewarded me with the best present ever. Well being nice is kinda interesting eh... from being a nice fella and accepting a friend to being a friend and to help a friend... just imagine if i were to be a bastard for a second... all this wouldn't fall into place... and i wouldn't be here now writing how happy am I to have her as my other half! then of course this chain reaction do goes back way far behind summore... but i wouldnt wanna elaborate coz it will go back till the stone age... hehe.

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