Wednesday, February 28, 2007


with just a blink of an eye... its already almost 5 months... half a year already... is it that fast???!!! oh my... time really flies by so damn fast! Sometimes when i sit around and daze... i still cant believe i am with her! really... has it been 5 months??!!! wow... its just like last month i popped the questions... and yet it still feels as fresh as ever... maybe coz we are really compromising couple... sometimes its interesting to keep it fresh... just like giving her a morning sms... and when ever the message tone goes off... i know its her and that makes me smile... or the afternoon call and the sms before we sleep.... till today... i cant believe it i still smile when i read the first sms from her in the morning... i never thought it would be so magical. What i experience in the last 5 months i wouldn't want to exchange it wit anything in the world.. its just priceless... My heart still pounds faster when i reach her home, while waiting for her in the car... the sight of her at her front door brings a smile to my face knowing that i get to spend another few priceless moment with her. The look on her face when i present her the box of hand made roses during valentine;s eve is priceless... this is the moment i have been always looking forward all my life... its that smile and suprised and happy face that i cant let go... it is this that kept me going on... it is this that motivates me to create the unexpected... do the unthinkable... although we faced several low moments... mid moments and high moments... but it is this moments that amplifies our time together and it is this moments that brings us closer together... 136 days and going...on and on and on and on.. till the end of time...

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