Monday, April 23, 2007


OH MY... 6 months and counting already... i cant believe it.. Missing her everyday now. She became part of life itself. Just like rice to the asian community. It is a joy to see her. Just staring at her is a past time. The voice in the morning is like a breath of fresh air to the day. aihs... amor... so beautiful. THE ADDICTION TO THE SMELL OF THE HAIR IS STILL SO SENSATIONAL! OUH.... the smile... the touch of the fingers... the natural reaction to protect her from harm and making sure everything is comfortable is like a urge and a norm in life! 6 months... so many ups and so little downs... just beautiful. its like a fairy tale at first... and now... its an epic event in epic proportions. Just like watching the supernova in the skies or like a massive volcanic eruption... huge rumble that scares the living souls but to some... it is just a beautiful natural phenomenon. An art form. The feeling of supremacy and care is such a nice feeling...

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