Tuesday, July 31, 2007

9 months 15 days and 17 hours... thats the time she had said yes. Going to 10 months already... whoa. Its really lucky to have her. I am thankful that she came into my life. I just imagine sometimes... what will happen if i just didnt ask. Will my life be the same?

Well we are going through a very interesting stage of our relationship now. Working stage! sometimes i dont even have the chance to meet her. Its only the weekends where it all happens. Well consoling each other... she life me up when i was down and i try to lift her up when she is down. its good its all good...

Meeting even just for an hour or so actually is sufficient to fill my day. but not meeting her a day seems like i havent complete my day, but a phone call at least is good enough before i venture into my slumber. Just to listen to her voice makes me smile.

Although we seem to be like a boring couple... no trips to some exotic island or a 'every weekend must go somewhere interesting' trip... somehow we still enjoy each other's presence. Just laze at home... catch a movie... have a nice banana leaf meal or a nice western meal... boring? for me the most important is to spend time talking and enjoying each other's presence... that is the most interesting thing for me! you dont need some whacky plan to some fancy place to be interesting. We are our own judge of being interesting or not.

For this i think life will be interesting

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