Monday, July 02, 2007


In the morning waking up is a dreaded thing. Your whole body feels heavy and lifeless... u have to drag your body off the bed and move on to get ready for... WORK! Its like every day is a test. Back in studying days waking up early is irritating coz u know u hev to go class and listen to boring lectures or tons of homework.. but working its different.. the feeling is like going for exams everyday. If u get a slow n easy day its like a bonus! For instance after a really bz week and suddenly on a Friday the whole day seems free and easy... it felt kinda weird coz... its like as if something is not done yet... OMG... shieat! but reality is... there is nothing to do but to check and find something to do.

Well working life dont contain any poniee or butterflies but just snakes n wolves all around, self protection and everyman for themselves. What potrays in the movies are either an exaggerated or just plain bull crap. Especially working in Malaysia or asia. Everyday is so intense and so high octane. Going home early is like a crime... makes u feel guilty and inefficient. But the thing in europe is... going back late shows inefficiency. But not here... going back at normal time is counted early. Going back around 8-9 is hardworking. Sigh.

Looking at the 70's and 80's even the early 90's. Work seems not so complicated. Lunch is at 1-2pm and at 5-530pm its off work. But not now... the world has been so competitive that everyone have to work double time just to make sure they are up to the market. And to do that... the working ppl suffers. It is true that nowadays more and more ppl suffer from work depression or work related illness.. yea healthy living... why does this come about recently? coz of the shieat we are going thru at work that we need a healty life to balance it back. Recently a news article on some Singaporean gal died after working for 8 hrs straight on her pc... over stress? she also blogged and claim that her job is draining her life... well it became a reality!

So why are we working so hard for? to build an empire to conquer the world... maybe... or perhaps to have a fair share of the worlds economy! we all need to eat... but some wan to eat more! some wanna keep more so can eat later and some just wanna take more and show off to others! well, this is the world we are livign in now. No one is spared or given a breathing space. Its all a rat race to the promised land!

Work hard live hard... it depends on what u are doing. As i keep on saying before in my past articles our world is controlled by lotsa things that dominates us without us knowing. Party so hard till u cant even go home? is that life? spend on a expensive item just to 'pamper' yourself? Worth it? or would u rather have a normal nice lifestyle without all the massive crazy party and super high tech gadgets? Yea having one of two high tech gadgets like a sony psp or a nokia n-series or perhaps a nice home teather system. But you dont get the proper chance to use it as u are working too damn hard and no time to spend time wit it. whereas u got ur significant other to spend time on... so is it worth it again? besides significant other... your family le? your friends?

I am thankful i've been given a chance to work in the line i am working now. My friends told me that the workload in my line gonna be super hectic. I tot i can take it... but to think of the load i am gonna get, really didnt hit me till i am in it. Now that i am in it.. i look at it... kinda scary although i am just doing a small fraction of it! As i am doing it... it keeps hitting me inside and i frequently ask this question to myself... "what have i put myself into...".. dun get me wrong i do love the line i am in but just dun like some of the things i am suppose to do. Well in life we cant get everything rite?... so i have to bite the bullet and walk on...

Weekends seems forever to reach but when it is weekend... it ended so damn fast! Its like there isnt enough time for anything. On friday i was so happy tat its weekend... but just a flash i am now sitting here writing this blog in my office on a Monday morning!! Yea i am working... and taking short 2 mins break every now and then to write this blog hehe. ITS NEVER ENOUGH! heehehe.. i think thats what alot of ppl complain about weekends. Sunday nites is like so gloomy and depressed... moody and sad... why? coz we know about the shieats we have to walk thru throughout the whole week! But maybe i am new... coz as i look at my dad, aunt and sis... they just move on normally... no complains no comments... just off to work.

Well i think i have to end my bragging now. Been crapping too much here. Start to sound like a little fool bitching around. off to WORK! zoooooomm.... splat....!

My father always told me, "Find a job you love and you'll never have to work a day in your life.
-Jim Fox: Quotes about Work-

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