Wednesday, August 22, 2007


I wish...

I wish the world is clear
I wish the world is good
I wish the world will be a safer place
i wish the world will love one another

How i wish all the above can happen...

The world is corrupted
There is left with so little good
that we are now all not in the mood
Makes us all machines of work
That have no more love
All we seek is lust
And greed and power we trust

All you need is love
That is what John Lennon says
but end of the day
He got shot dead

How are we to love
When no one know it anymore
All we know about love
Is nothing more then a heart
only for couples too hug

If we can apply love to all
Then human kind wont fall
Even the greatest hate of all
Wont even get a chance at all
If we apply love to all

I am just writing this without even thinking. But from the deep thoughts in my head we need to learn to live in harmony and united.

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