Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I couldnt agree more on rasta that freedom is the most coveted prize i want now. i am stuck in this rut where we call working life. I am working in the line that i like but not the department i love. it is due to my incapacity to 'draw' wit certain programs. i talked to my boss the other day regarding on my interest. Well i was blown down saying that i am not up to it. My drawings are amateurish and i got no strength in drawing. I dont know whether to agree or to disagree. I love drawings. I love to potray what my mind tells me. I am not unfocused just that i am diverted. There are so many things in my life that was diverted and now it came back and bite me in d ass really really hard. What can i say. Am i the victim of my own doings? or am i just plain stupid? I want to be free. Free to express my feelings and views. Free to do what i love best. creating a drawing... a piece of art... unfocused... i am unfocused coz i am not doing wut i wan and i am still looking over the fence on the thing i want. naive? all i want is freedom. Like i said it and i said it again. we are controlled by money. Money makes the world goes round. I dun really agree entirely. So many times money couldnt solve the problem. Money cant buy freedom. money just traps you even further.

"What do I want most in life? Freedom. Freedom to do whatever I want whenever I want ..... Another day towards the horizon not knowing whether to expect clear skies or storm clouds. Lets wait and see."

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