Sunday, October 21, 2007


I cant believe it! till today i still cant believe it! I am not single and with mah babe! Its already one year and i am still so pumped up! i just cant explain this feeling. Her presence still electrifies me! holding her hand doesnt only send shockwaves through me... but now its more on affection and love. ahhh l'amour! I dont know am i boring her out or not but i am sure she entertains me whenever i am bored! by just sitting there and listening to my bragging and nonsense.! hehehe. by just looking at her makes my heart goes whooooeoeeeeeeeee... one year... one year!! oh my gawd!! some couple cant even make it past 1 month heck some cant even past one week! but i have made it through one year without any major hiccup. Ppl say after the first year it is where the relationship will start to be tested. Well... tested? isnt it tested now?! Fuck those who writes off any relationships! You are not in a real/proper relationship doesnt mean u have to be jealous and talk some nonsense to others!!! hehehe... i am who i am! and i dun give a shit whoever wanna compare ke or show of to me! guess wut?!! i dun give a fuck coz this is me and mah babes relationship! and i am damn proud of it and i dont need some dimweeds to show it to me how their life is so nice and stuffs! so if u all wanna show off or wanna compare! u can fuck off! coz i just dun care! i love mah babe so much and she loves me so much that i dun give a fuck what other ppl thinks! my life isnt complete without her. She completes me and she makes me wanna do wonders and guess wut?? i done a few already! so wutcha gonna say about it? WHAT CHA GONNA SAY ABOUT IT?!!

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