Thursday, February 28, 2008

There is a moment when a man stand in the darkness and in this darkness is when he will strive to find the light. Learning that any burden will just quickly destroy his chance of survival. When the burden is getting heavier and heavier it is time to let go of the burden coz in time to find the light first you must make sacrifices. Just like the pod song "the hardest part of holding on is letting go" The moment the burden becomes too heave should a man continue to strive to carry this burden or to let go? can this burden make him a stronger man or will this burden just be an excess baggage? the man has turned fond and used to have to carry this burden and when this burden has been let go, somehow the lightness wont feel secure. The sense of responsibility seems missing and the whole purpose of carrying this burden seems meaningless. why do man need to make this kind of decisions? to let go or to hold on and strive along? may the best men wins!

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