Monday, March 03, 2008


I think i am suffering from depression. I dont have to mood to work. Suddenly this morning i felt sad all of a sudden. i felt empty and all i wanted to do is to go back to sleep and do nothing else. I do not know what is happening to me. I tried to think positively but somehow i just cant kick it out. I am blessed with so many things, a great gal, caring family, a job, nice colleagues and of course a good health. But somehow i am just depressed. I am not just saying it but i am really depressed. Just talked to my friend and he told me that i have changed since i started work. I am not that happy go lucky anymore, i look tired all the time, i dun look as lively as i used to, I barely talk, and most of all... i always seems like i have alot of things in my mind.

Perhaps its my first job, and i cant accept the working life. I just cant kick it off... and as i spoke to one of my friend, he told me that i have a few symptoms of depression which he list it down and guess wut... i really do.

1. Sudden lost of mood, sadness, anxiety
2. feeling tired and sluggish
3. eating disorder
4. lack of concentration
5. mood swings

Am i really depressed? do i really need a break? or should i change my job? am i incompetent? do my friends really say nice things to make me feel better? what am i to do? I cant find the road, the correct path. Most of all... i cant find myself. who am i? am i like that? what do i really wanna do? could it be my studies?

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