Saturday, April 26, 2008

Proton's Saga

Well, after searching my pc and I found this file. Interestingly this came out long time ago. around 4-5 years ago if I am not mistaken. The hype generated when this came out. I was so excited that finally we are capable of challenging our Japanese counterparts (Honda, Toyota, Mitsubishi etc etc...) in 'sports' performance cars. But yet I am now disappointed (honestly, the car look really wicked! I wouldnt mind spending the money on this car!). Well from the time I received this email till today EON or Proton has came out with 4 cars and trust me none of them even manage to give any of our Japs counterparts a single challenge. Worse of all, Proton even lost to our very own brother company, the supposedly 'second' car manufacturer in the country Perodua in sales. The allegedly follower is now the leader in our country. Well at least now we know that all the tides have changed. Not all leaders are capable of holding on long. New and followers are capable of giving a challenge or topple the leaders IF they work hard enough.

Proton have the backing of the government hence they even hired our ex-PM as their advisor and yet they still produce cars that have 101 problems even before they reach the 1 year mark after buying. Power windows problem... central locking problems... squeaky suspensions.. etc etc with it all end up wit the saying "aiya, Proton wut... normal la.." Even the Savvy that have all the hype of the TUV German quality control approved can't prevent the cars from failing to mount a single challenge to the Myvi of Perodua. Instead of giving a challenge they lost miserably... just like the likes of Newcastle or Liverpool in the EPL. With all the Lotus technology the only highlight is... the Satria GTi. Is that all they can offer?

After all the hype of TUV, Lotus, Citroen... there is still no fight. Even the recently launched Saga and Persona doesn't even give a mouth watering prospect. Saga well might actually help re-launch the Proton brand with their low price but is it good enough to give a challenge to the world market of automobile? So far no sound from the car yet. Hope it can be as good as its predecessor the old Saga.

Its time we really do something about the Proton Brand before we die off and become just another "great" history of our country. At least in the near future we can tell our kids that we manage to drive a Proton when it was quite great! haha.

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