Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Party like old mens.

Partying like a old rock star! ahha. Went partying with my buddies that day and it was just a bummer. All of us felt or look like old mens. It was a Friday nite and my bro Rastasinn had a bday bbq party at his place. We had like tons of cooked and uncooked food, bottles and bottles of booz and a killer song list. But what i realised is that we just cant go on like what we did last time.

Maybe it because we are working. trust me... working really drains lots and lots of brain juice. Well back to the party. For once all of us cant even finish the food. barely even have half of it! We drank but not alot... it was just so dissapointing. If it was 6-7 years ago... we would have wallop it in the range of minutes! We could party all nite long. But now... its half a nite long and half a stomach to eat! Played this game called 'shitface' thought to us by 'the verg'. Got too many people in the game that it got so long and draggy... I ended up at the other end of the corridor where there was a nice huge fan blowing me in the hot and humid night. The uncooked meat was lying there next to the bbq pit and no one seems interested to cook. Sad...

Went to Maisons after the party but can barely party coz of the music they played and the slightly slow crowd. How disappointing. By 2am we were all sluggish and lethargic. By 3am... all we wanted was the bed! eheh. That was how the nite ended... tired with lotsa booz and food left!

Old mans? or new age old mans? i do not know the answer for this!

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June said...

That shows as we grow older...our hyper-ness decreases too...;-P

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