Tuesday, August 05, 2008

La Salle PJ 1999

Its been wut....9 years since we left skool? Wow i just look at our skool mag and see all the faces at the klass photos and klass captions. OMG we are getting old! fuckin shieat!! I look at myself then and look at myself now... not much changes but somehow i look different! Kinda miss it when comes to think about it! Then all we have to worry about is what to eat during recess or when will i start studying for exams... 2 days before or a day before! hehe.

Recently met wit a few lasallians during xmas! some working... some studying some bumming and mostly stressed! some i never thought will made it so, well some i expect to make it... never really get what they wanted. Some i tot will be certain profession instead became something else. Well in this 6 years alot have changed! lifestyles wise! Well some u see everyday in skool now u dun even see them at all since skool! what happened to you all?? i'm just curious... i heard a few teachers are still there but most of them have either retired or changed to other skool. For me one of the most memorable occasion in our batch is the massive 'hoi pau' , 'lauk', 'bungkus' session. everytime the birthday song is sang and a loud rumble made by moving chairs and table... u know someone is getting their ass whopped by their 'friends'.

Well, the name 'siva datang' still sometimes gives the the chills. going out of klass we needed thet green pass... if no pass.. then siva comes...'where is your pass?' ...'sir, i really needed to...' ... 'shut up u!'....whooop... a cane on da butt...Met Mr.Siva once few years back... he is still the same... still instills this fear deep inside your sub conscious. He went 'hey boys' i jumped up! hehe... but its all cool. he is a nice guy outside of skool. He told us he sometimes hang around subang area... oh ya! and our beloved roti canai man 'mahn' haha. with his roti canai flinging skills... classic. Pak Abu which is still around... scolding students that dirtying the area... the scouts den is still around and shabby as usual... raju's gate has made way for the rukun tettanga and the saddest things is the old block now is the new old block and the new block now is the old new block!get it? toilets still so smelly... oh ya talking about toilets... i remember there was once we have to run to the office to register to have the keys to the toilet... oh my.. that is a real bitch...!

Mr. Viji still haves his afro and still working in lasalle. Principals have changed... dicipline teachers have changed... i wonder the essence tat we left still remains or not? or has it changed... Going to f-troop means we get to miss class... purposely making noise during assembly so we get to stand in the middle of the field under the scorching sun so we can miss class!!! well it was well worth it aint it??! monday assembly is a real bitch coz Pn. Ramlah will be giving her super long yet interesting speeches... complaining about every thing that she sees... well some praises do came in. But at least she is more chilled then Siti Noor.

Then Mr.chin's skool songs during la salle week. "A.C.S... anglo chinese skool...' hahahha. and of course his burung kakak tua songs and his new club. 'Kelab kongsi gelap'.... classic... the public canning of students during assembly is more like a entertainment... the one punished is greeted as if they are some rock stars... the crowd will cheer... then they will enter the lab... then 'whooopshhh...phakk...!!!!' he comes out... smiling...

The new form 6 gals that came in have to get used to the roaming eyes and the constant whistling and shouting from the fucking perverted guys... its like an exhibition... haha for the guys tat is. Cmon we never get to see gals other then the slow walk pass our neighbour...assunta, ok!

Somehow we unite when we are challenged by other school. I remember when Catholic High, Sultan Abdul Samad and Bukit Bintang skool came to our skool for handball tournament. It was the semi's... the skool unite and Mr. Siva actually allow us to skip class to support the team! the school became like a fortress... everyone was shouting and cheering... one reason is coz we are allowed to skip class and one is coz we just somehow love the skool.... even we say we hate it... coz we are proud to be a lasallian...

Cross country is like a massive prison break session... and the famous 'TEPUK LA SALLE!' ...miss it... the canteen days... PJK's... i remember 20minutes before skool ends we are already packed and ready to go. well i can remember the time when we left skool for the last time after spm.motorbikes ramming... fireworks blasting... ppl screaming... friends shaking hands... laughters... its was then we all parted ways walking out of the gate... and all that ended...some became successful some didnt, some left us... some dissapeared...some moved on... some remains the same... its been so long...

to all lasallian year 1999 i wish u all the best in wut ever u all are doing... thanks for the memories! damn writing this is like as if we are leaving this world soon only... haha... sentimental sial!!!

'I think it's the duty of the comedian to find out where the line is drawn and cross it deliberately.' -george carlin-

'More than any other time in history, mankind faces a crossroads. One path leads to despair and utter hopelessness. The other, to total extinction. Let us pray we have the wisdom to choose correctly.' -woody allen-

'I was so poor growing up, if I wasn't born a boy I'd have nothing to play with.' -rodney dangerfield-

'When I was young I was called a rugged individualist. When I was in my fifties I was considered eccentric. Here I am doing and saying the same things I did then and I'm labeled senile.' -george burns-

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