Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I am against animal cruelty

Ever wonder how did the meat we eat everyday are processed? where do our meat we eat come from?

After watching how all this meat is processed I am telling you now. From this day onwards I will not support fast food chains, mass produced poultry anymore. I shall only eat meat that is slaughtered correctly in a way that is quick to the animal and not let them suffer.

In time to come I most probably be turning into a vegetarian. The moment i bite the meat the thought of the torture the animal has to endure just for me to enjoy their meat is just heartless. Say as you can say that this is nature and the weak are being eaten and stuffs. But the way how these animals are bred and how they are treated and how they are being tortured... FORGET about it! I wont eat this crap!

I have pets at home... the thought of skinning them alive without pain killers, castrating them and slitting their throat and present to them a painful and slow death is just inhuman!! watching the video bring tears to my eyes. When the eating stops... the killing stops too.

Interested to know how our meat is processed? click here

I for one is supporting PETA

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