Sunday, January 11, 2009


have you all watched American idol? I am currently watching American Idol season7 marathon (still watching...) I am just really baffled how idiotic some people can be! The desperation to get famous is somehow irritating!!!! worse off is that some people just dont know how or when to stop!! They sound really really really irritating and yet they still think that they are god given talent!! Please la.... STOP!!! hahaha. Some people know when to grip reality and stop but some people just never give up! even they know in the next million years its will still be the same!!! unless u lip sync!!! hahahaha!!! I really respect the judges on how they can actually stand listening to all this crap every single year! every single week!!! hahahah sad... real sad... all i can say is SHUT UP and STOP DREAMING to be famous!!!

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