Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Devil in me

I think i have an anger management problem. Today I suddenly exploded into a blazing fire ball or more like a massive volcano erupted. I felt so bad... my temper and anger is so scary that i scare myself. I felt as if i am the devil incarnate. I thought i got the hang of holding down this devil in me but i guess it is still within me. Slowly and surely consuming me and destroying myself. I found the antidote but with more and more fuel being feed into me the burning ember in me starts to ignite again into small flames.

Just like a small bush fire burning and burning and turning into a blazing inferno. Dangerously and devastatingly. Maybe I may be too immature, or spoiled? Too pampered with easy lifestyle and spoon feeding? Who am I actually?

Too much pent up anger and no where to let it out? I really have to say I got alot of things troubling me. Oh please i need to find an exorcist.


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Yoon Onn said...

I don't believe it is about anger management problem.

I believe it's about keeping everything (good and bad) without venting/letting it out. What's more is that you are being nice 24/7 which I think it is quite a difficult task to do.

And this is why the creation of this blog. It's for you to let your frustrations out.

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