Saturday, April 18, 2009

How Odie gave me life...

Its been 3 1/2 days since Odie's passing. During this moments I admit I was devastated, depressed and most of all... sudden feeling of emptiness. It was painful, as I can barely sleep just thinking about him. Waking up in the morning with a ton on my chest. Heavy as shieat! But today I realise that I should no longer mourn about his death but instead celebrate his life. He lived a really happy and a life that is showered with love. I would have to say although he did have his naughty days but he bring nothing more but joy and love to us because he knows that we will give him back in return. Yes I do miss him but instead I will continue uphold what he taught to me...

All in his life what he showed me was to cheer up who ever is beside you. Even if it is by making a fool of yourself. Light up and protect the people you love most. The only return we want is love, appreciation and affection... and of course a good treat! Haha. Snacks, glorious food and a shelter to live in!!

What is more than life? We humans always complain about everything there is! Not enough money, stupid colleagues, idiotic bosses, need of better car, jealous of what our friends have, useless government and so on and so on. But what we did not see is what we have right in front of us, or in us and around us. Life! We should be grateful that we have the friends we have, we should be grateful for the food we have (be it good or bad), we should appreciate that we have people that care for you (be it one or millions of people), we should be happy we have a roof to give us shelter, we should be glad we have a peaceful and harmonious country and most of all we should be happy that we are ALIVE!!!

I am not here to preach about life but I am just here to spread the love of life. The greatest feeling is that you see someone/something smile and knowing that you are the one that gave them that. I've told my family, friends and most of all my girlfriend that "I dont need any expensive or high tech gadgets, nor do I need super glorious expensive meals. All I need is for you all to appreaciate what I have given to you all and for you all to love me for who I am."

Every life there is death. It is something we have to accept. Thats why we need to appreciate the ones around you WHEN THEY ARE ALIVE!!. It is in this life that we can be family, friends or associates... and we should precious it for by the time you lose them its too late...

This is what my little Odie showed me... For now I shall live my life to the fullest and appreciate what I have! I hope you all can too...

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Anonymous said...

life is all about change.

whenever u r frustrated, probably is the good sign that u r resisting change.

when i'm rich, i can't accept poverty
when i have a lover, i can't imagine if i lost her

but thing is just changing. flip the coin, bad thing also will change.

life is all about change.

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