Monday, June 15, 2009


Do you know what really amuses me? Hypocrites! Say one thing now then say another later! This kind of flers should be shot in the head with a twin barrel rifle twice at point blank range! Idiots! or as what we use to say in high skool, Idiota Maximus!!!! Why why why? I realise lots of leaders local, foreign or very local as in offices have this kind of Maximillian Idiotus mindset!!

For example! first we are debating on whether we should have England as our main language for Maths and science subjects! Most say no, some say yes and for me i dont give a cow's ass hair! but recently i read about how the Arabs or more specifically the Omanese! Wants to learn from us English! how we teach our ppls England! wahlao eh! we so terrrrer ar?

I have to say somehow our education system got its good and its bad! Good is we have to fight and read what we know! have to find out most of the thing! that is also one of the bad things too! coz we are tooooooooo dependant to the system to feed us information. When it is not fed to us... we just simply....... stop! somehow reminds me the movie Wall-e. Where everyone just sits there and move around..... yea and with the food we have.... gosh its just the matter of time we all go so fat we just have to practically 'fill' up the room! boing boing! hahahaha

So back to the hypocriticizers! Some people.... I am not naming names... cant stick to their words! One moment will say ok this sounds like a good idea... but few moments later... when he forgotten about their words in the start .. say that this idea is a waste of time! wah wan to play until like tat meh? play us ar? kejap boleh, kejap tak boleh! susah la like that!

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Chong said...

It is well known fact that hypocrites do not know the existence of 'mirror'. Heh!

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