Monday, August 24, 2009

1 hour earlier from a near death experience

Ramadan is suppose to be the holiest month in the Muslim community. Yet it is also a month people take it for granted and take advantage out of it. Crime rate is sky rocketing! I really think if you are to cause harm to anyone or to do any crime, why puasa then? Is puasa the only time u can stuff yourselves with food and money? is that all it is?

My neighbour got robbed right in front of his house which is next to mine, two days ago. The first morning of Ramadan at 3am Saturday morning by four person that speaks very well local Bahasa Malaysia. I am not saying any races here. But not only they took his money and almost took his car, they practically whacked him like he killed their whole family. A near death beating. Amazingly my neighbour managed fight back and threw his wallet at them and told them to take and go... but by then his head was cracked and nose broken. Blood pouring out causing the road outside my house to be stained with blood marks and my other neighbours car splattered with blood. He (my neighbour) managed to get into the house to ask his parents to send him to the hosp.

I visited him yesterday and this is what he told me "Bro, this is one experience you dont ever want to experiece your entire life bro..." and he also said that when he was in the hospital the doctor that was stitching him up told the other doctor "Memang nasib baik, dapat kecederaan macam ni dan masih hidup". It was then my neighbour only knew how serious it was. The blood loss and the injury sustain! he said "Luckily I play sport and pray alot bro, Maybe that why i am ok..." . He also said that he usually when he comes home that time after work... he will sit in the car and check the surroundings first and he said that there is no one to be seen. When he got out of the car and lock... they appeared. So most probably they have been eyeing on him already. Scary... then we heard that right after that moment another women got robbed also in my area... her hands was badly injured...

Then after visiting him and I realised that I actually came back 1 hour before him...... it could have been me... Somehow that very moment I just sat at my sofa and thought... I might not have survive this coz knowing my nature I will fight back and most probably they will just whack me to death coz I got not cash with me!

What is going on with our country!!! its not safe anymore! not safe at all!!!!

The only thing now I am thankful now is to be alive.... its nice to be alive!

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