Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I AM NOT SUPERMAN..... anymore

I know this will be a little late, silly and naive to say but I realised that I am not immortal nor am I immune to anything anymore. When I was younger I usually will just take on anything and have the most highest believe that I can change the world. I always aim so big trying to offer anyone a helping hand, an ear to talk to or a shoulder to cry on. More extreme is... I will offer my big huggable body a big hug. I would try my best to make sure everyone around me is happy and in hope that everyone to live in harmony. Been trying too hard I guess... You may call me silly but I always believe that in this world where there is so many crap that is happening, cheating, violence, ego-ism and just cruelty, that I could be the light the champion of everything that is right and peace. I guess wrong. I think I just added this huge weight on my self that now my pillars of strength is starting to crumble and crash.

I lost hope in the world... Everyone fighting among each other. Brothers killing each other. Racism is at a high and worse off man have lost its decency. The world have became so competive that everyone is practically in a gladiator arena. We are thrown into the arena and expected to fight for our lives. Have you actually realised that some bosses are actually a useless nut that know half the things you do yet they get all the credit. Some actually uses some dirty trick and end of the day you get fired and they get promoted. It is just not fair. Colonisation! or more or less like cronynisation. I am just so tired of what we have became.

I just felt powerless to help the people around me. I just feel as if I never achieve enough! How la? Its that time when you see the people around you getting problems and you just cant do anything! I just feel powerless....
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