Sunday, August 09, 2009

Ranting and Braggin

Its the weekend again.... and again... and again.... and again. Sometimes it annoys me that weekend comes and goes so damn bloody fast! Its just seems like few days ago i had a fun time weekend then now its the weekend again and its one week ago or one month ago...

I guess my mom is right that time really flies when you start working! with a blink of an eye I have already worked in Radio24 for almost a year already. 2 more days to my one month anniversary! woohooo... yea rite. Cant even get myself confirm yet, all thanks to my so called underachieved target! Man have they actually look at themselves before they even talk ar? hahaha Well life goes on. I love the station and the people there... so I am not gonna give up on them..... yet... !!!

Well after working i realise that i barely live a productive personal life anymore. Before I started work, oh how productive i was! I did alot of reading, drawing and of course exercise! but work drag me off... I somehow felt lazy during the weekends, hoping to do something productive to the society but eeeeehhh.... somehow fell asleep. Weekend seems like a battery charging two days for me. How la? I think I need to somehow find a solution to this crap! Gonna set a regime for myself to work on the path to happiness! for me and of course for the ones beside me! especially mah babe, mah family and of course the ppl beside me.

Then again talking about all the people around me. I just realise how bad this freaking economic crisis has hit us. Be it direct or indirect. I realise that recently alot of shitty things started to creep in quietly and started to consume us one by one. Is it just me or is it really that bad that people start to treat each other badly? Is it really that bad that you have to talk and treat people like they are nothing compared to you? Is it really neccessary to start robbing or stealing? or are they just looking for an area that they can exploit and vent their negative craps?!

Oh save me! hahaha by the way I use to write alot too... dang. Now so slow.... anyway let me let you have a peek at my life.....chillin wit mah babe...

my drawing of me n my gang

watching mah fav team...

Well more to come... stay tuned... dont go away! hahaha

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