Friday, September 18, 2009

F1 craze?

Whoa whoa whoa... we have a F1 team now? wut the f---?!! its cool la that we have something to cheer for rather than just cheering sauber coz it has Petronas there... but then again? who is funding this F1 escapade? Air Asia? Naza? aiyo... and most of all the government? yea yea we might be taking in our own petronas "students'' from sauber. But are they ready for this challenge?
Then again... at least it will add some local flavour to the F1... for Malaysians that is!

What can I say... go Malaysia? F1Malaysia? hehe we better have that Formula for 1 Malaysia ahah. We sure do hope that the cars wont have the same problem we are facing when we drive our local cars... gear box problems... power window problems? maybe in time to come we can come out with the F1 car SE version... add some skirting and spoilers and a killer mufflers so that our car stands out during the race! hahaha

Like the saying... bunyi macam ribut... gerak macam siput!

god bless Malaysia! and their new F1 team!

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