Friday, September 18, 2009

how times have change!

I still remember back in those days when I actually got addicted to this few things called mIRC. Remember it? This is when virtual 'chatting' with people started. No need for phone calls... all we have to do is log into our very own channel and chat all the way! using different fonts, actions and stuffs that is pre moving emoticons!

As I recall the channels that I usually log into is the Mamak or the Malaysian channel. I realised this is the area when unsociable people get to put on their alter ego or put on a really deceiving 'nick' and speak their heart out. Well there are some desperate fellas that will somehow put really really lame nicks as their details such as 22MKL, HornyGuy etc etc... cmon... are they really so desperate? posting 'interesting' lines such as "any girls that is interested to talk with a handsome pakistani from kl please message me" what the F--k??!!! this seems like a really really desperate person!

Then there are the attention grabbers where they are so desperate to be the so called admin of the channel where they called it +ops! haha where they can kick or invite people... so vely kool oh! yea right! and some people are so desperate that they will try their best to impress the +ops just to become one themselves.... maybe its that gaining power thingy where in the 'real' world... they cant do... social misfits... perhaps? this is where I come in the picture... my cousin and I will purpose log in just to whack the shit out of this losers. Degrading them bringing them down and just cuss and rip them apart.... ( last time no car to go out at night so make good use of the internet lo) fun times... fun times...

I use to go to this cyber cafe called 'cyber jacks' at Thrifty supermarket with my buddy just to kacau ppl... FYI that freaking cybercafe cost a bomb! freaking RM7 per hour. Dammit! and the pc sucks! Ok back to the story... we will then log in to the CyberJacks channel and start picking out a girl and just to mess them up. We once actually talk to a girl and then describe what is she wearing and where is she seating and asking her to stand up just so we can see her... and she actually stood up! creepy rite? well what to do... it was then we got no life! haha

Now the days of MIRC is long gone... it is only open to pakistanis, bangladeshis or indonesians in Malaysia trying their best to find a 'friend'... I am not joking... yes I was 'gatal' and log into it not too long ago... its just so down now... I wonder the few losers are still there or not...

Then there was this personal instant messaging program called....... ICQ... well it was a short form for I seek you... Modern lingo perhaps... but I dont remember using that word... it is fun once upon a time too... the irritating sound when there is a message coming in...."UH OH".... the horror... the countless "UH OH"s coming in... omg.... irritating... but it is a form of free communication. The excitement of putting weird fonts or icons as ur nick and putting so called cool info in your profile (yea i did that too...guilty as charged) well that is where I got my so called cool nick KoRnholio... wuahahhaha... but I realised that alot of my friends still use their same nick back then as their emails....

ahh gone are the days of icq and irc.... now there is only Skype, MSN messenger and yahoo messenger... how times have changed eh??

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