Tuesday, October 06, 2009


Who said that Malaysian football is dead should be dead then! I know, i know! Back in the days of the late Mokhtar Dahari, Soh Chin Aun and Santoskh Singh we were the football power house! we use to whack USA 3-0 wei! well.... that was the past!

What we hear ppl talk about now is not how 'Super Mohk' dribble the whole defense and whack a killer piledriver towards the opponent goal but "wah u saw ah how Gerard score! terrer la" I have a theory on how come Malaysian football is down the drains!

Lemme tell you why! here goes

1) The emergence of ESPN showing live EPL, Serie A, La Liga and the Bundesliga during the transition years of M-League from semi pro to pro where Malaysian football suddenly took the turn for the worse. Lots of viewers jumped ship and instead of going to stadiums to watch they rather go to mamak stalls or the comfort of their home to watch "better" football! WTF la... cmon!

2) The blockage in Cigarette and alcohol companies from advertising in sports events. This causes advertisement revenue to cut down. Still remember back in the days when Dunhill used to sponsor liga Malaysia? the amount of coverage and advertising the league had? the events and the tv coverage. This somehow caused a buzz among local fans to at least notice local football. Now... TM? what did they do? running the blue hippo around? nothing! there isnt any coverage at all! or not that i know of!

3) The interest of local media to focus on the 'Ronaldo' saga rather than Kedah winning the Treble! There isnt any support from local media! Just a small section of sports section on who won what! Honestly! even when Selangor recently won the M league, I didnt know till the next day! What the hell la! there isnt any hype generated by local papers or media! there isnt even any initiative done to help this!

4) FAM is not doing enough to improve the situation! All the hype on who is taking the hotseat is more important than what we can do to help improve the image of local football! For GOD's sake! we are a "PROFESSIONAL" league! Players are over paid for a lackluster performance! Too many leaders in one organisation! and the worse part is... players are over paid by an organisation that cant afford their pays! hence creating a worse image that FAM or the local state or clubs memang got no money! aiyoyo kadeveleh!

5) Parents and the society plays a part to in the so called decline in Malaysian football! Honestly, we have so many talented players out there! but due to bad publicity about local football, the image that Malaysians cant make a living out of football or sports. This is WRONG! Cmon, we are now "PROFESSIONAL" league already... players are paid 'PROFESSIONALLY' ma! but there is so much money generated in football that I am sure there is a way to earn it! What makes you think that sitting in the office makes more money? Lots of football players manage to pursue their studies after football too! and forged a career out of it! Look at Sebegeth Singh or Shabby... oh wait Shebby for short! he is not the best football player but got paid reasonably! and now he is also not the best pundit but again got paid reasonably! There is life after football! so Parents and the society's mentality towards local football must change to help improve the local football scene!Well still see the light! there are still amongst us that still believe in the country after the Match against Manchester United! At one point... everyone was actually cheering every move Malaysian players made! Once selangor captain Amri Yahya scored! everyone went into estacy mode! the roof erupted!! suddenly the believe that Malaysian football will be good again came back into everyone! i for once sided my own country instead of Man Utd! When MU came the last time I was so excited everytime a MU player touches the ball it sends excitement over my whole body. But this time around... somehow my patriotism was burning even higher! I actually wanted Malaysia to win! I am glad that Our Country is still have their pride! The future is still bright! There is this group called themselves the Harimau Malaya or better known Malaysia Football Fan Club! Respect this fellas! Singing and cheering! well done!

I am a Malaysian and I am proud to say I go and watch our local teams play in the 'STADIUM' compared you suckers that trash talk so much about local football but never even sit in the stadium, heck! never even sit in front of the TV to watch our local team! So STOP splatting your worthless 2sens crap and support local football scene!

"why complain when you dont want to do anything?! Just shut the f*ck up if you are all fart but no shit!!!"

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