Sunday, November 15, 2009

Football Madness!!

I guess by now most of local fans will know about Negeri Sembilan winning the Malaysia Cup after almost 61 years... Congratulasi! After all the hard work finally won. But guess what?!! that is not the main story! The main story of the night is Negeri's opponents! KELANTAN! not once but twice they gotten themselves in HOT stuffs... yea first was burning a turned police truck in April and now they trying to burn the National Stadium!!!

Why? why wanna burn things? What have the stadium ever done to you all!!! sigh... I respect the fanatics from KELATE but why??!!! Lose then lose lo... no need to burn bridges wait... i mean stadiums wan... Its just a loss... ifs painful but hey.. we (Selangor) lost to Terengganu and never see we burn anything also. We just say... its ok, we will be stronger and come back next year! we are fanatic but not frantic!!! Burning chairs and police truck is just plain hooliganism! plain uncivilised!

Fireworks are now a norm in local football scene... especially those "mercun mancis" type... where u light it like a matches! and causes a huge bang! that is still slightly acceptable... if u throw at the right direction... but if u throw at other ppl especially your OWN FANS! then its wrong la! stupid at the first degree!!! Otak kat mane bro??!

Well back to the story... the Kelantan fans have already gotten ban from their own stadium for one month... initially for one year and gotten fine and yet they still havent learnt their lesson?! Well then I have to say they are not hard core fan then! not loyal to say the least! You are loyal to the name but not to your club! you watch coz u are from Kelate and not coz u love your team! Looking for cheap thrills! Well... latest news is the police and the authorities have indicated and identify the culprits and a list of names have been handed out to Kelantan police to take action... wow didnt know we also have this technology also already... not bad... almost like English and Italian football... fan wise la... not football wise.. hehehe

RIP Robert Enke... now you are with your daughter...

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