Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I just realised that i added a young up and coming politician from MCA that I just met into my Facebook. Then I just noticed that almost... everyone I know has a Facebook account. Including my boss! But one thing for sure is I am not that addicted... to Facebook compared to a few people I know. They can get so restless and agitated when they never go in and check their Facebook. Then I look at them... wait a minute... holy shieat... its basically like taking drugs.

The most ridiculous thing I've heard is from my colleague... this is the pinnacle of FB-holic. An urgent matter occurs and his services is needed... and guess what he said... "Wait I need to water my potato first..."

This is the pinnacle of addiction... just to beat the person after you in ranking??! I've also heard that there is actually a couple in US that divorced because the husband forgotten to harvest or water her plants in Farm Ville?!! at 3am!!! this is freaking ridiculous... how did an online social site became a freaking arena of competition?!! Want to plant the plants go to your garden la!

It is to the extend that people neglect their job just to reach the goal in their Facebook games! And how did they actually got the time to reach an unbelievable level? I am stunned. I have to admit that I was for a moment addicted to games like Mafia Wars, Dope wars, Tycoon, Farm Town (diff version from ville) and poker but I got bored of it after 2 weeks. Why? Although its fun but its time consuming and I dont have the patience to water my virtual potatoes day in day out. Or Dress up my pet in pet society... If you have lots of free time then by all means knock yourself out!

I am now taking my lunch break... yea at 3pm... coz was meeting up wit my client just now... and while i am munching my sandwich I logged into my facebook and to notice that there is 48 people online... and most of it... my working friends!!!

Woohooo... and i went to my main page... lots of people updating their status... "so tired i want to go home..." ... "I've killed Don Marconi... in Mafia wars" Wahlao eh... and the funniest one of all... "in office now bz working..."


How can you say you are busy working when you are updating your status in FB??? and moments later can see when people comment they can reply! so... how busy are they? As far as I know... busy means you cant even afford to pee... or pick up a phone... maybe this is the new term for busy working... busy working on how to plant your potato or killing people! ahhaha.

I am not saying its bad.... there is also alot of good in this social network. We get to update our network. Know what are our friends are doing. Check out hot chicks on the photos that your friend are tagged... hehehehe

Then again too many info are spilled into this social network that sometimes its not that good coz now I know what are you involved in or what you are doing lately... you might not know who is reading or taking down notes... dangerous...

But again I am glad that this facebook thingy came... coz now we are more closer to each other... and understand each other better....

Play FB responsibly and take care of your pet and farm ya?

latest status update.... : back to work! hahahaha


kenwooi said...

lol.. i dont play FB games.. =P

koRnholio said...

then you have not fall into the darkside... hahaha

Shuuu said...

Even my faculty dean has facebook, and a blog lol. Good thing i'm not that addicted to fb, though i leave it on

koRnholio said...

yeap... everyone have one... just do not know whether to add them or not

EA said...

Fantastic article, I laughed hard reading it. =) Btw, I think I can relate to the game part. Lol.

koRnholio said...

hahah wrote about the facts only...

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