Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Well, my lecturer once said... Most Malaysian companies are still slow in the sense when it comes to differenciate between Marketing and Sales ... Well I really have to agree. Since I came into the working world, I've noticed that!! I can come and ask any so called 'BOSS' or anyone and they will say "Marketing and sales is the same what... both also need to sell" then I will just grin at them but in my mind... "BODOH!!! BONGGOK!!! MANGKUK!!! BAHALUL!! IDIOTA!!! FUCK OFF!!!" Its true, most people perceive that marketing and sales are the same but think about it...

Sales is a small part of marketing... just a small part. Still sound the same eh? NO, why? Ok Marketing is as Philip Kotler puts it "social and managerial process by which individuals and groups obtain what they need and want through creating and exchanging products and values with others." Marketing is more of the process to make people know your product, understand it and position it in a way so that people will buy it. Its a freaking long process. Its all about strategizing and lots and lots of tactical play till the point of selling and after sales. Its the process of creating a brand and position the brand and then how to sell the brand. You cant promote a BMW to a janitor... (unless he is doing the janitorial work for fun la...)

Sales in the other hand is all about..... SELLING! SELLING! SELLING! thats all. Its the small section of marketing that requires alot of effort going out and selling. Its all about volume.

Still don't get it? Ok in a more simpler terms, Marketing is like a General in military. They are the one that thinks the strategy on how to attack the enemies. In it there are alot of factors involving such as where to attack, how to attack, psychological and how many people should attack. Sales are more like the front line marines or soldiers where they will run the tactical plan that the general plans. Its all about killing the enemies.

Got it? but I am not saying marketing are not suppose to go down the field to fight but its that difference that most people don't see. In the more modern companies, they have a specific marketing team to do the thinking and strategizing. Try to work out a workable strategy that is envisioned by the BOSS. Then there is the sales team just focusing solely on selling the product.

I believe most companies in Malaysia will have to change their mindset... the days of Sales and Marketing in one is basically OLD SKOOL!!! dawn is the day of the TOTAL MARKETING company...

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